Russian and Eastern Europe

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When Ivan IV took power, he named his vast territory
Who is credited with creating the “Russian Empire”?
Ivan IV
The Byzantine influence can be seen in Kiev’s government because
the legal code was created on the basis of Byzantine law.
Moscow was given more power under Mongol rule because
Moscow was loyal to the Mongols.
The resurgence of Russia under Ivan IV began in the middle of the
1500s CE.
What effect did the Mongol invasion have on Kiev?
The invasion destroyed Kiev and power shifted to Moscow.
Ivan III made an early contribution to the eventual resurgence of Russia by
bringing in foreign architects to rebuild Moscow.
What happened to Kiev when Yaroslav the Wise died in 1054 CE?
Kiev was divided among Yaroslav’s five sons.
The most dramatic example of the influence of the Byzantine Empire occurred when
Vladimir I forced all Russians to convert to Orthodox Christianity.
After Ivan IV took power, how did he deal with the code of laws?
He revised and updated the code of laws to make it more relevant.
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