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what is the name of the eurasian short grass prairie?
which of these was never a symbol of russia or the soviet union?
which of these rivers is not in siberia?
What is the land with moss and shrubby growth north of the Arctic Circle called?
Which peninsula is currently disputed between Russia and Ukraine?
Which ruler did not have an office in the Kremlin when he died?
peter the great
Which country is NOT in the Baltic?
What is the largest of the five -stan countries in Central Asia?
Which country is NOT in the Caucasus?
Which former Soviet republic was traditionally a part of Romania?
What is the name of the cold northern forest found mainly in Siberia?
How many republics were in the Soviet Union when it collapsed?
where was the first war chariot invented?
steppes of inner asia
which nationalities are not info-european?
hungarians, finnish
What is the name of the non-recombinant DNA passed down to children only from the mother?
The Yamnaya (Yamna) Culture was located here
north of black sea
the original finns were
Which prince was killed for trying to collect taxes twice from the same tribe (drevlanians)
This prince won the throne of his murdered father after several year’s of civil war with his brothers, who also wanted the throne:
vladimir I
The Slavic ‘house spirit’:
Patron saint of landowners, princes and warriors in Christianized Rus (and later Russia):
st george
Name of the Slavic forest spirit:
Slavic male water spirit:
What was the significance of the ‘Sermon on Law and Grace’?
Kievan Rus is eclipsing Byzantium
What northern prince was assassinated because he tried to make his branch of the family all powerful?
andrei bogolyubsky
leader of the mongol invasion of kievan rus?
Last Rus city attacked and defeated by the Mongols:
Why did the Mongols abandon the conquest of Europe in 1241
their khan in mongolia died
Name the correct chronological order of nations attacked and destroyed by the Mongols:
north china, central asia, kievan rus
Who were the original Tatars?
tribe in mongolia defeated by chinggis khan
Why did the Mongols of the Golden Horde fight civil wars during 1359 to 1380?
Black Death killed some of the rightful rulers and started a power struggle
What important concession did the rulers of Moscow get from the Mongols in 1328?
permanent grand prince status/primogeniture
Where do the words Kremlin and Crimea come from?
mongol word for fortress wall
Who was Michael of Tver and what happened to him?
rightful grand prince, executed by mongols
Why was Ivan Moneybag so successful diplomatically with Golden Horde Khan Uzbek?
married uzbek’s daughter
Who defeated whom at Kondurcha?
timur defeated tokhtamysh
What religion were Poles and Lithuanians?
Why is the “Stand at the River Ugra” important?
Tatars failed to force the Russians to pay taxes, thus ending the Mongol Yoke
During the transition from Kievan Rus to Muscovite Russia, name the one factor that did NOT change:
list of people conquered by mongosl in order
bulgars, kipchaks, rus, europe
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