Section 4: The War of 1812 Assessment

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What losses did American forces face in early battles of the War of 1812? What victories did they win?
The Americans lost in the attack to capture Fort Detroit, and two others when Americans refused to cross the Canadian border. They won the Battle of Lake Erie, The Creek War, and The Battle of New Orleans.
What role did the American Indians play in the war?
During the War of 1812, Tecumseh’s Indian Confederacy allied with the British in The Canadas, and helped in the capture of Fort Detroit.
What attacks did the British lead against American forces?
The attack of Detroit, and the attacks that failed when Americans refused to cross the Canadian border.
What do you think were the most important battles of the war? Why?
I think the most important battles were the battle at sea that were the start of the War of 1812, and the Battle of New Orleans, last major battle of the war.
What was the purpose of the Hartford Convention?
At the Hartford Convention, Federalists agreed to oppose the war and send delegates to meet with Congress.
How did the United States benefit from the War of 1812?
The War of 1812 introduced intense feelings of patriotism among many Americans. The war also broke the power of many Native American groups. Finally, a lack of goods caused by the interruption in trade boosted American manufacturing.
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