Strikes and Labor Unions (Chapter 18) (review)

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The Great Railroad Strike
Which strike caused the creation of the National Gaurd?
Cut wages from railroad managements
What caused The Great Railroad Strike? (considering the Panic of 1873)
What was the overall approach the protesting workers took to resist during the Great Railroad Strike
Called for Federal Troops
What did Hayes do to subdue the resisting workers
called for federal troops to protect African-American voters
What irony did Grant display when openly criticizing Hayes for his actions
E. L. Godkin
Who was the editor of The Nation?
Double the size of the U.S. Army
E.L. Godkin suggested to…
National Guard
The Great Railroad Strike led to the creation of the…
Tailors in Philadelphia
The Knights of labor ur was founded by two…
When was the Knights of Labor founded?
Did the Knights of Labor accepted workers of colour, immigrants, skilled and unskilled?
Terence V. Powderly
Who was the leader or Grand Master Worker of the Knights of labor during the 1880s and 1870s
What approach did the Knights of labor took on?
The Knights of Labor urged what type of negotiations?
Powderly advocated for an ___ hour work day
Francis Ferrell
Who did Powderly invited to their October 1886 convention in Richmond that caused a stir in the local community?
Western Union Telegraph Company
What was one successful strike he Knights of labor organized in 1883
Was the Knights of labor powerful enough to restore lost wages and hire back all striking workers?
How many members did the K.o.L achieved in 1886?

(It was even larger railroad strike that began in Marshall, Texas, in 1886)

The Populist political campaigns
The Knights of Labor was a strong element to______ of the 1890s

(Healed splits)

Samuel Gompers
Who was the leader of The American Federation of Labor (A. F. of L)
Until his death in 1924
Cigar Makers Union
What Union did Samuel Gompers came from
What was the initial number of members in the A. F. of L.?
3 million
What was the number of members involved in the American Federation of Labor in 1924
True or False?
Gompers failed to increase wages, insure job security, advocated for 8-hour day, benefits, and the right of the union to bargain collectively for workers
Albert Parsons
Who was one of the leaders in Haymarket (1886) that was executed
Socialist and Anarchists
What groups did the press attacked after the the Haymarket incident
How many officers died in the Haymarket incident
How many people actually showed up to the Haymarket Strike
Eight hours
“___________ for work, ___________ for rest, __________ for what we will.”
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