The War of 1812

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Who is Thomas Jefferson?
– 3rd president of the U.S (1801- 1809)
– he was the founding father, principal author of the Declaration Of Independence ( 1776).
What is a expedition?
A expedition is a long journey where you get to explore.
Who is James Madison?
– 4th president of the U.S
– he composed the first drafts of the U.SConstitution and Bill of Rights
– He led the U.S. into the War of 1812 against Great Britain
– Madison issued a war against Britain in 1812
– President of U.S. during war of 1812
Who is Napoleon?
a French military and political leader who rose to imortance during the latter stages of the French Revolution and associated wars.
What was the impressment?
The impressment was when the British forced the American sailors to work for them on their ships.
Louisiana purchase
– took place in 1803
– when the US acquired the Louisiana territory and the Mississippi River
– wanted to buy territories so the power of the US is strengthened
Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
– went on expedition to find the Pacific Ocean and the NORTHWEST Passage.
– took place from 1804-1806
Corps of Discovery
A specially established unit of the US army that was in the Lewis and Clark expedition
Why did the U.S go to war with Britain?
The U.S. declared war on Britain because:
1. US Sailors were captured and forced into the british military.
2. US ships were attacked and goods were taken by british sailors.
3. NA were fighting American settlers (NA were armed by the British).
How was the war of 1812 fought?
– The War was fought along the Atlantic coastline, in the western territorries, and on both sides of the border between the U.S. and the British colony of Canada and the US. It also was fought in Louisiana.

– They fought with ships, cannons, and muskets

What was significant about Ft. McHenry?
1. 2 day battle
2.British were turned around and momentum in the war changed.
– lead the Indians in the war
– built a confederation of more than two dozen Indian nations, settler enroachment on their lands
– he was killed in a battle called ” the Battle of the Thames
Gov. William Henry Harrison
– commander of U.S. army
– Major General of army
– fought in the Battle of the Thames where Tecumseh was killed
– defeated British in Detroit
– he is a war hawk
Laura Secord
– was found bleeding
– she was a spy by listening to the Americans plan a suprise attack against the British
– husband was wounded in the British malitia
General Isaac Brock
– brief education
– At age 15 he joined the military
– in 1790 he became a lieutenant
– he was promoted to captain
– in 1798 he became commander of the rigiment
– British
Which treaty was ratified that ended the War of 1812?
The Treaty of Ghent
US perspective of the War 1812
1. ” Second war of Independence”
2.The US viewed the war ” as an opportunity to throw off Britain once and for all.”
3. upset because the British were stealing cargo + people from US boats.
4. Forcing US sailors to go into the British
5. There were uprisings with Native Americans vs. the US
British perspective of the War 1812
1. No interest in the war.
2. Britain was focused on France.
3. 7% of military in Canada.
4. Feared the US will Take Canada.
Native American perspective of the War of 1812
1.The Native Nations gained weapons from the British
2.The Native Nations were getting their land taken away, because the US wanted more territories.
3. sided with Britain
4. expansion in their lands would cease
Canadian perspective of the War of 1812
1. unwanted war
2. Source of Pride
3.Attacked by US citizens.
4. Afraid US would take Canada.
Northwest Passage
1. belief that a passage would lead to the Pacific Ocean
2. Lewis and Clark were assigned to find the passage to the Pacific Ocean
1. a group of people in congress that wanted to go to war with Britain
2. Led by Henry Clay.
King George III
King of England/Britain
Treaty of Ghent
Treaty that ended the War of 1812
Battle of Tippecanoe
1. 1st battle in the war of 1812 ( unofficial )
2. November 1811
3. Caused by rising tensions between Native Americans and Americans.
4. William Harrison vs. Tecumseh
Why was the battle of Tippecanoe important?
1. It was important cause the Native Americans were armed by the British and Americans.
2. The US struggled so we didn’t like it.
Battle of Bladensburg
1. American forces were defeated by British
2. led British to march into D.C.
Battle of Washington DC
1. militia units from the Americans were present in D.C.
2. White House and Capitol building were burned.
Battle of Baltimore
1. took place at fort McHenry
2. The US won
3. witnessed by Francis Scott Key
4. He wrote a song called the Star Spangled Banner
Battle of New Orleans
1. Battle where Andrew Jackson defeats the British.
2. Andrew Jackson becomes a star because of the battle.
3. Jackson becomes president.
Why was the Northwest Passage important?
The passage between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean opened up trade opportunities.
Why did the U.S. get such a great deal from France to acquire the Louisiana Territory?
1. The French needed money because they were low on supplies.
Name the Battles in the War of 1812
Battle of:
1. Tippecanoe
2. Bladensburg
3. Washington D.C.
4. Baltimore
5. New Orleans
What early events set the stage for the westward expansion?
1. Northwest Ordinance
2. needed more room to grow
How did the Lewis and Clark expedition increase Americans’ knowledge of western territories?
1. No Northwest Passage
2. knowledge of Native American tribes
3. Knowledge of animals and plants.
How did the Louisiana Purchase increase the United States influence globally?
1. Made the country bigger
2. demonstrates that the U.S. is legitimized.
Why did the United States want to acquire the Louisiana Territory?
1. It guaranteed American full right to and free passage on the Mississippi river, which was important to trading.
2. France was in charge of New Orleans and President Thomas Jefferson was very worried the French ruler may stop Americans from using the port.
British practice of taking American sailors and forcing them into military service.
The British begin force American sailors to work on their ships and fight in the British army.
March 1809
James Madison becomes president of the US.
June 1807
An American ship called Chesapeake is attacked by a British ship called Leopard causing an incident.
November 1811
-The Battle of Tippecanoe considered the first battle of the War of 1812
– takes place between Tecumseh’s brother, The Prophet, and William Henry Harrison’s army.
June 1812
America announces that they were going to war with Great Britain.
October 1812
General Isaac Brock is shot and killed in Canada during the Battle of Queenston Heights.
August 1814
Peace agreements begin in Ghent.
August 24 1814
The British set Washington DC on fire and burns as revenge for the burning of York. President James Madison runs away from the Capital.
September 1814
-The Battle of Plattsburg on Lake Champlain is a major American victory, securing its northern border

– The Battle of Baltimore takes place at Fort McHenry, where Francis Scott Key wrote The Star Spangled Banner

January 1815
Andrew Jackson defeats the British at the Battle of New Orleans.
February 1815
The Treaty of Ghent is ratified and President Madison officially ends the war.
Important fact about the War of 1812
The War of 1812 was the closest vote of war in US history
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