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National Labor Union leader
William H. Sylvis
National Labor Union Members
300 local unions
National Labor Union Goals
get 8 hr work day, urged for black and women
National Labor Union Tactics
political action, organized workers party to get elected into gov to make laws
National Labor Union Outcomes
persuaded congress for 8 hr work day for gov workers
National Labor Union downfall
depression of 1873 – people cared less about freedmen and more about themselves
Knights of Labor organizer
Uriah Stevens
Knights of Labor motto
“an injury to one is the concern of all”
Knights of Labor members
any individuals regardless of who they are (no unions)
Knights of Labor goals
8 hr work day, equal pay for equal work, safer work conditions
Knights of Labor tactics
arbitration – settlement of disagreement between employers and workers by a 3rd party
Knights of Labor important leader
Terence V. Powerdly
Knights of Labor successes
strike against Jay Gould’s railroads, expansion of group
Knights of Labor downfall
the Haymarket affair – strike that goes wrong
American Federation of Labor ; type of union
federation of union , skilled workers only, craft
bread and butter union – not specific workers
American Federation of Labor goals
raise wages, lower work hours, better work conditions
American Federation of Labor leader
Samuel Gompers
American Federation of Labor members
skilled workers
American Federation of Labor tactics
collective bargaining – group negotiations between workers and employees
American Federation of Labor successes
raised wages, created fewer hours
American Federation of Labor downfall
craft union skill was limited , amount of unskilled workers rose
American Railroad Union leader
Eugene V Debs
American Railroad Union members
all railroad workers; unskilled semi skilled workers
American Railroad Union tactics
American Railroad Union successes
won strike for higher wages
Industrial Workers of the World leader
William Haywood “Big Bill”
Industrial Workers of the World members
miners, lumbermen, cannery, dock workers
Industrial Workers of the World successes
empower the less skilled
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