US History Chapter 16 Section 6

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Terrence Powderly
1869 American labor leader who led the Knights of Labor during the union’s remarkable growth and rapid decline in the 1880s
Knights of Labor
hoped to bring all workers into one big union; opposed child labor, advocated a 8-hour day and were against strikes; declined after Haymaker Riot
Molly Maguires
1875, A secret Irish society of coal miners in eastern Pennsylvania in early 1800’s. Worked together to achieve better working conditions. On possibly false evidence gathered by employers private detectives, 10 Molly Maguirers were hanged for murder.
Commonwealth of MA v Hunt
1842 Supreme Court opened the path for unions by declaring that they were just as legal as any other clubs organized to help members for a legitimate purpose
Haymarket Square Riot
1886 – name given to unexplained explosion at a labor demonstration in Chicago; destroyed the Knights of La
Homestead Strike
1892 – Strike at Andrew Carnegie’s steel plant in Homestead in which Pinkerton detectives clashed with steel workers; 7 men killed
Pullman Strike
1894 – occurred in the Midwest and brought trains to a halt
Mark Twain
1884 Huckleberry Finn
Samuel Gompers
reorganized the Cigarmaker’s Union, helped form the AFL and became it’s president
Sherman Antitrust Act
1890 – first federal action against monopolies, signed into law by Harrison; nitially misused against labor unions
American Federation of Labor; 1st successful federation of unions in America
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