War of 1812

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how many warships did the british navy own?
700 warships
why did sailors desert the british navy and end up on american vessels?
british officers regarded it their right to search american ships and take off british subjects
what two areas were most upset by the embargo act?
new england and new york
who became president in 1809?
james madison
what did the indians want created south and west of lake erie?
indian state
why did americans dislike the british support of the indians?
threat to their expansion
who was the indian chief that pressed for unification of the tribes?
chief tecumseh
who was the leader of the war hawks?
henry clay
by 1812, how many american vessels had the british captured?
list the three causes of the war of 1812
interrferring with trade
taking ships
which side won the battle of tippecanoe?
who was the american commander at tippecanoe?
goverment harrison
what was commodore oliver h. perrys famous quote at the battle of lake erie?
we have met the enemy and they are ours
who was the british general that attacked washington dc
robert ross
what did the british do to the capital building the white house and various other federal buildings?
set fire
when did the british finally defeat napolean?
what fort was the key to baltimores defense?
city defense
how long did the british bomb the fort?
25 hours
what is the other name of the war of 1812?
second war of independence
what inspired francis scott key to write the national anthem?
how many stars are on the flag above ft mchenry?
when was the treaty of ghent signed?
december 24 1814
what did the treaty say about conquered territory?
returned and recommissions were planned
when was the treaty the battle of new orleans
janurary 8 1815
why did the battle of new orleans occur after the peace treaty was signed
took time to get the treaty across
who became the hero of the battle of new orleans
andrew jackson
what were the main issues which led to james madisons declaration of war in 1812
impressment, never left after we bought land and interupting american trade
why did the new england federalists oppose the war? how did this opposition play into later events in the war?
harm our economy even more and not good size of military
in what ways was the us military unprepared for war as they took on the british in canada
the burning of the washington was a important event in the war of 1812. how did dolley madison and stephen pleasanton help save the nations history
dolly saved georges photo and stephen moved all documents
though the war of 1812 was fought by man women contributed to the war effort in several ways discussed in the documentary. what are some of the contributions women made to the war
made the flag
why was the death of robert ross such a critical lods for the british
because he was a hero
what did the flag at fort mchenry symbolize to francis scott key
hope for him and his people
the treaty of ghent was brokened in 1814 yet the war went what miscommunication led to the extension of the war to new orleans
it took 4 to 6 weeks to crossthe atlantic ocean
what were some of the american heroes of the war of 1812
andrew jackson and james madison
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