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(page 1, para 1) If two bodies are each in ___ ___ with a third body, then they are in equilibrium with each other.
thermal equilibrium
(page 1, para 1) If a=c and b=c, then ___ must equal ___.
a, b
(page 1, para 2) All heat is of ___ ___ ___.
the same kind
(page 1, para 2) The Zeroth Law establishes that ___ is a fundamental and measurable property of matter.
(page 1, para 3) There were only three laws before the ___ ___ of ___.
Zeroth Law, thermodynamics
(page 1, para 3) They didn’t __ the laws because ___ them would create a conflict with the existing literature and cause considerable confusion.
renumber, renumbering
(page 1, para 4) The amount of energy that is involved doesn’t exactly define the ___ of ___ ___.
flow, heat flow
(page 1, para 4) To determine which direction ___ will flow between two systems is the ___ of them.
heat, temperature
(page 1, para 5) A repeated method for measurement on a ___ ___ is required to describe temperatures with enough ___ to be useful.
incremental scale, precision
(page 1, para 5) One of the first standards, the ___ and ___ ___ of water, had to be precise enough to be useful.
freezing, and boiling points
(page 1, para 6) For a thermometer to be useful, it must first be ___, then weighed on a scale.
(page 1, para 6) All other basic units of measure (other than temperature) are each defined according to a ___ ___.
precise standard
(page 1, para 7) Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit invented the ___ ___ which sets the boiling and freezing points as 32 degrees and 212 degrees.
Fahrenheit scale
(page 1, para 7) The Celcius scale assigns values of ___ degrees for the freezing point of water, and ___ degrees for its boiling point at mean sea level.
zero, one hundred
(page 2, para 1) All measuring scales start used in ___ and ___ starts at the value of zero.
science, engineering
(page 2, para 1) Zero temperature, aka ___ ___, is more difficult to grasp because it has never been observed in nature or the labs and is believed it will never be.
absolute value
(page 2, para 2) ___, the unit of thermodynamic temperature, is defined as the fraction 1/273.16 of the thermodyamic temperature of the triple point of water.
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