A Level English Literature; drama, terms for engaging audiences

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A long speech in a play or story, delivered by a single person.
A monologue usually revealing the actor’s inner feelings and delievered while alone on stage
Social realism
Emphasizes influence of social and economic conditions of an era on characters, events, and social institutions
Dramatic climax
point of greatest interest or intensity of the story (subjective)
Expressionistic techniques
Could include heightening speech, or cutting speech making it appear clipped or telegraphic. Can be used to portray emotion in characters,
Brechtian alienation
The distancing effect – A character is presented in a way not to allow the audience to make a concious connection with the character.
Breaking the forth wall
When actor’s break the imaginary forth wall between the stage and the audience to engage directly with the audience
Unresolved narrative strands
It is unsure on which character the play is structured around.
A generalized belief of a group.
The original model that certain things are patterned from
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