Abeka English Lit 12- Units 1-3

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the first literature of the Anglo-Saxon
love of freedom, responsiveness to nature, strong religious convictions in a belief, reverence for womanhood, devotion to glory as the ruling motive in every warrior’s life
five striking characteristics of Anglo-Saxon literature
anglo-saxon poet
two half lines separated by a …
stressing certain syllables or words
beginning words with thr same consonant sound
repetition of ideas in slightly differing form
strong metaphorical expressions
qualities of an epic
great national hero, lofty language, supernatural elements, the struggle of good and evil
the greatest of the Anglo-Saxon poems and the oldest surviving epic of any Germanic people
Grendel, Grendel’s mother, dragon
Beowulf fought against..
moral of the story is to not drink
The Venerable Bede
author of the Ecclesiastical History of the English People
William the Conqueror
invaded England from France in 1066
Sir Thomas Malory
the most notable writer of the fifteenth century
popular ballad
short, narrative folk song which tells of a single event in an objective.
popular art form which originated in medieval France.
the husband
who finally gets up and bars the door in Get Up and Bar the Door?
the reason that Sir John Graeme dies in Bonny Barbara Allan
the tree bowed to Mary
How does Mary retrieve the cherry in The Cherry Tree Carol?
The Pearl Poet
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
medieval romance
a form of writing based primarily on the adventures of various knights and often abounding in the supernatural.
mystery plays
plays based on biblical subjects
miracle plays
plays dealing with legends of saints
the hour of death
subject of Everyman
Everyman’s surprise visit
Geoffrey Chaucer
The Canterbury Tales
a short tale or anecdote told to teach a lesson
amount of pilgrims in The Canterbury Tales
Thomas Malory
Morte Darthur
Sir Thomas More
English Reformation, English Renaissance, Elizabeth Period, Tudor Age
names for the Elizabethan Period from 1485-1625
Edmund Spenser
The Faerie Queene
Sir Philip Sidney
wrote the first piece of literary criticism
the literary genre which reached its zenith during the Elizabethan period
William Tyndale
devoted the greater part of his life to the task of making the Bible available to his own English people
Thomas Cramner
The Book of Common Prayer
John Foxe
The Book of Martyrs
the correspondence of sounds
the regular recurrence of sounds
end rhyme
the repetition of the accented or stressed vowel sound and all succeeding sounds
the pattern in a line of poetry consisting of one accented syllable and one or two unaccented syllables
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