Abeka English Literature Quiz 1

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The first literature of the Anglo-Saxons
Five striking characteristics of anglo-saxon literature
1. Love of freedom 2. responsiveness to Nature, especially in her sterner moods 3. strong religious convictions in the belief in wyrd, or fate 4. reverence for Womanhood 5. Devotion to Glory as the ruling motive in every warrior’s life
Anglo-Saxon poet
In anglo-saxon poetry, what were two half lines separated by?
a pause or caesura
beginning words with the same consonant sound
the greatest of the Anglo-Saxon poems
the three important people in Beowulf
Grendel, Grendel mother, and fire breathing dragon
know this line
“But wiglaf was worthy; his sword smote the dragon”
the first Anglo-Saxon poet whose name we know
who wrote the ecclesiastical history of the English people
the venerable bede
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