AH Unit 1 Three Worlds Meet

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For what reason did the “first Americans” most likely migrate to the Americas?
to search for food & shelter
How did the ¨first Americans¨ most likely reach the Americas?
crossing a land bridge between Siberia & Alaska
Major advantages of complex societies:
large labor force
Which type of society built towns or villages but moved them every few years?
semisedentary societies
What does the system of irrigation tell us about early American societies?
They used technology to adapt to their environment
Which society built towns with wide streets, large fams, markets, and hundreds of dwellings?
sedentary societies
Why did many Central and Western African kings in the 1400s prefer to capture rather than kill their enemies?
to use them as slaves
What describes a way in which the natural environment greatly influenced African socitey:
Some people lived in relative isolation to the rest of the world
How did the Sahara influence African society?
people created extensive trade routes through a series of ports on the Mediterranean Sea
Which of the following was a result of the Reformation?
Many people were upset over the corrupt practices among the clergy
A devestating food shortage in Europe during the early 1300s:
Great Famine
A conflict between England & France in the 1300s (14th century) that killed thousands of people:
Hundred Years War
A (14th Century) widespread Cultural Revival of Classical Art, Architecture, Learning, and Literature:
Corrupt practices within the priesthood caused DisContent about the role of Church in Society & led to the Reform Movement:
Around 1440, Johannes Gutenburg invented the ______ which allowed many Europeans to read and learn about the world.
Printing Press
During the Reformation, a group of _____ broke away from the Catholic Church
The savanna of _______ is a long and flat grassland with abundant wildlife, thorny bushes, and scattered trees:
Southern Africa
A large desert in northern Africa that limited trade to central and south Africa:
Sahara Desert
Followers of the religion of Islam:
A long and flat grassland with wildlife, bushes, and scattered trees:
People who are captured for use in forced, unpaid labor:
Columbus reached what would become known as the Americas in:
The present-day Aztec location:
The present-day Inca location:
In what part of Africa is the Sahara?
Northern Africa
Who led his men into Peru & conquered the Inca Empire?
Francisco Pizarro
Spain’s hope of restoring Catholocism to ENGLAND ended in 1588 when the ______ was defeated:
Spanish Armada
The Dutch colony of _____ was located along the Hudson River.
New Netherland
Over time, Europeans came to associate slavery with Africans, which led to:
Spanish explorers in America also conquered land, which is why they are called:
Some ________ were designed to soften the conditions of slavery, but most punished slaves and kept them in bondage.
slave codes
This person thought it was wrong to enslave Native Americans, and became known as the “Protector of the Indians”:
Bartolome de Las Casas
This person was an Italian explorer whose name became famous because of a German mapmaker:
Amerigo Vespucci
On a voyage to find a Northwest passage, the crew rebelled and set me adrift in a small boat:
Henry Hudson
The Aztec emperor Montezuma welcomed him with great ceremony, but was then taken captive by:
Hernando Cortes
The Spanish marched into Mexico and made ________ with native people who hated Aztec rule.
The Caribbean Islands had an ideal climate for growing:
Spanish _____ wanted to convert Native Americans to Catholicism.
Columbian Exchange included:
plants, animals, disease
What did Spanish colonists receive to help make the colonies productive?
What did the Spanish create to provide food for the colony?
What did the Spanish build to convert Native Americans to Christianity?
Belief that some people are inferior because of their ethnicity/race/culture:
Person who had escaped slavery:
Practice of one person being owned by another
Leg of the Triangular Trade from Africa to the Americas
Middle Passage
Regulated the Treatment of Slaves
Slave Codes
Spanish explorer who crossed the jungles of Panama and claimed the Pacific Ocean for Spain
Vaco Nunez de Balboa
The Portugese sailor who was killed in the Phillipines while leading the first expedition to sail around the world:
Ferdinand Magellan
The conquistador who conquered the mighty Aztec Empire in Mexico:
Hernando Cortes
The emperor of the Aztec people when the Spaniards arrived:
Montezuma II
The conquistador who led an expidition to what is now Peru & eventually conquered the Inca Empire
Francisco Pizarro
The Italian sailor who described his voyage and had a continent named after him:
Amerigo Vespucci
Gave the Spanish a treasure of gold to free himself but the Spaniards killed him anyway:
The practice of one person being owned by another person:
European traders provided goods such as (4) ____ to the rulers of West African kingdoms:
textiles, ironware, wine, and guns
The voyage from Africa to the Americas across the Atlantic Ocean was known as ______ because it was Part of the Triangular Trade between Europe, Africa, and the Americas.
Middle Passage
Upon reaching the colonies, slaves were sold at:
Some slaves were able to run away and were called:
Slave rebellions led the Spanish government to pass ____, laws to regulate the treatment of slaves.
Slave Codes
Over time, Europeans began to associate the practice of slavery with African slaves, which led to the growth of ____, or the belief that some people are inferior because of their race.
The Treaty of Tordesillas allowed the _______ to claim eastern South America.
The efforts of _______ led the Spanish king to order the gradual freeing of enslaved Native Americans.
Bartolome de Las Casas
The main goal of _____ was to increase the moneuy in a nation’s treasury by creating a favorable balance of trade.
Spanish rule in Mexico was established by the arrival of:
Hernando Cortes
Corn and potatoes were brought to Europe as part of the:
Columbian Exchange
The _____ colony of New Netherland was located in present-day New York.
The brutal voyage that brought enslaved Africans to the Americas was called the:
Middle Passage
The Spanish forced Native Americans to work on plantations through:
One goal of European explorers in the 1500s was to find a ______, or a water route through North America to Asia.
Northwest Passage
The fur-trading post at Quebec became the first permanent ______ settlement in Canada:
What helped the Spanish defeat the Aztec & Inca?
Natives were weakened by European diseases
Why was the Treaty of Tordesillas important?
It allowed Portugal to claim lands east and Spain to claim lands to the west of a specific line of longitude.
What was the goal of the missions in Spanish colonial society?
to convert Native Americans to Christianity
What was the Columbian Exchange?
the movement of plants, animals, and diseases between hemispheres
What regulated the Spanish treatment of slaves?
Slave Codes
As a result of the English victory over the Spanish Armada:
The world saw Spain could be beaten.
Why did so many explorers look for a Northwest Passage?
They wanted to find an easier way to trade with Asia
What was an important effect of the defeat of the Spanish Armada
Spain would never again be as powerful as it was in 1588
How did the slave trade increase in the 1500s?
Sugar plantations in the colonies came to depend on slave labor.
Which explorers crew came to be the first to sail around the world?
Ferdinand Magellan
What is the term for travelling around the world?
What year did Columbus first sail west?
Queen of Spain in 1492
Queen Isabella I
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