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What author enlisted in the light dragoons under the alias of Silas Tonkin Comberbache?
Samuel Taylor coleridge
Which poet was also an engraver?
William blake
Which poet presented all experiences as ‘a tangle of inseparable but irreconcilable opposites’?
John keats
Which poet is known as the father of romanticism?
William wordsworth
Which author is considered a failed poet?
Samuel taylor coleridge
Which poet wrote a song that was eventually adopted as a hymn of the British labor movement?
P. B. Shelley
Which poet is anti-romantic?
Lord byron
Coleridge thought which one was “the best poet of the age”?
William wordsworth
“Opened up to poets in the modern world the realm of mystery and magic, in which materials from ancient folklore, superstition, and demonology are used to impress upon the sense of occult powers and unknown modes of being”
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Wrote “To a Mouse” and “To a Louse”
Robert Burns
Who made repeated use of the fascination with the forbidden and the appeal of the terrifying Satanic hero?
Lord byron
Which poet mingled pleasure and pain at its highest intensity with the destructive aspects of sexuality and the erotic quality of longing for death?
John keats
Which poet was heavily addicted to opium for medicinal purposes?
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Which poet had gained and immense European reputation during his lifetime?
Lord byron
Which poet was the national poet of Scotland?
Robert burns
Which poet died of tuberculosis?
John keats
Had a deformed foot but overcame lameness by becoming an athlete in boxing, fencing and swimming
Lord byron
Known as a radical nonconformist
P. B. Shelley
Wrote “what is a poet?”
William wordsworth
Began a series of amorous affairs and fathered several illegitimate children. Biographer said “it was not so much that he was conspicuously sinful as that he sinned conspicuously”
Robert burns
Had an incestuous relationship with his half-sister
Lord byron
Felt a foreboding of early death and applied himself to his art with urgency
John keats
fell in love with Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin
P. B. Shelley
Organized an expedition in the Greek war for independence from the Turks
Lord byron
Collaborated on pamphlet “the necessity of atheism” which cause him to be expelled
P. B. Shelley
Deliberately chose to represent common life. (Peasants, children, outcasts, criminals, and idiotic boys)
William wordsworth
Eloped with the daughter of a well to do tavern keeper
P. B. Shelley
Subverted the neoclassic principle that in many kinds of poem the language must be elevated over standard speech by a special diction and by artful figures of speech to match the language to the height and dignity of a particular genre
William Wordsworth
Known for one rendition of the song we sing in New Year’s Eve
Robert burns
First wife drowned
P. B. Shelley
Son of a London haberdasher
William blake
Because of his radical relationships which poet envisioned himself as an alien and outcast rejected by the human race so whose welfare he has dedicated his powers and his life?
P. B. Shelley
Offered his first wife a financial settlement so he could pursue a childhood friend
William wordsworth
Wrote “the spirit of the age”
William hazlitt
Described poetry as the “spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings”
William Wordsworth
Abandoned medicine for poetry
John keats
Refused payment for his songs
Robert burns
Said “I must create a system or be enslaved by another mans”
William Blake
5 poets that represent the British romantic period
Wordsworth, Coleridge, Shelley, Byron, Keats
belatedly added as the sixth
William blake
Lyrical ballads published in this year
Byron died in fierce battle
Blake declared that all he knew came from
The bible
What if ironic about the ending of the poem “Adonais”?
It describes dying in a ship during a violent storm. He actually ended up dying while sailing a ship in violent waters
“Ozymandias” is named for which king
Ramses II
An instance of that neoclassical type, a satire against modern civilization, and shares many of the aims and methods of Pope, Swift, Voltaire and Sterne
Don Juan
What was the name of the figure, infusing the archrebel in a non-political form with a strong erotic interest, that was imitated in life as well as in art and helped shape the intellectual and the cultural history of the later nineteenth century?
Lord byron
One text and it’s hero
Heathcliff Wuthering Heights
Because Wordsworth is so known for his nature poetry, of the poem studied in class, which one were you most surprised to find And why?
Steamboats, viaducts, and railways. He is embracing technology
What three disasters deeply affected wordsworth?
His father died, his brother died, his children died
What year was Wordsworth poet laureate?
For keats, what made marriage impossible and love a torment?
staying dedicated to poetry, poverty, his sickness
The French Revolution began with what even on July 14, 1789
Storming of bastille
Three women who were some of the best regarded poets of the time
Anna Barbauld, charlotte smith, Mary Robinson
Name one book that epitomized the radical social thinking stimulated by the revolution
“A Vindication of the Rights of Men” Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin
Perfected the steam engine in 1765
James watt
Did the reform bill of 1832 give women the right to vote
What “to a mouse” wanted us to learn
Things don’t always go as planned
What “to a louse” wanted us to learn
We see ourselves differently than others see us
Dates of the romantic age
What poem did Blake Tackle head on the question of color
The little black boy
What was one result of the “let alone” theory of government
Inadequate wages, long hours of work, bad conditions, harsh discipline, employment of women and children
What happened at the peterloo massacre
Assembly at saint peters fields was charged by saber wielding troops who killed 9 and injured hundreds. Workers wanted to demand parliamentary reform
Why was the invention of the steam engine so important
Steam replaced wind and water as primary source of power. Hallmark to new age
What was Enclosure
Taking common land and making it private
Why was enclosure important
It gave them a more efficient method of agriculture to feed the growing population
What brought on the first modern industrial depression
Demobilization of troops after 1815
How did women constitute a deprived class
Limited schooling, rigid code of sexual behavior, had no rights, could not divorce husbands
First reform bill passed
What did the reform bill do
Did away with rotten Burroughs, redistributed parliament representation to include industrial cities, extended the franchise
What did the reform bill not do
Half the middle class, almost all middle class, and all women could still not vote
Lake school
Wordsworth, Coleridge, Robert Southey
Cockney school
Leigh hunt, William Hazlitt, associated with keats
Satanic school
Leigh hunt, p. B. Shelley, byron
Lyric poem
First person
romantic poetry
Nature poetry
Two types of fiction prominent in eighteenth century
Gothic, novel of purpose
Mystery and horror
Novel of purpose
Suggests new way of understanding social reform
Author untouched by the political, intellectual, and artistic revolutions of the age
Jane Austen
Sir Walter Scott was who’s contemporary?
Jane austen
Poets wife was illiterate
William blake
Have up poetry in sixties to devote himself to pictorial art
William Blake
Establishment of the society for effecting the abolition of the trade in slaves
Revolution begins with the assembly of the estates general in may and the storming of bastille
King Louis XVI executed, England joins alliance against France
Reign of Terror under Robespierre
Napoleon crowned emperor
Napoleon defeated at Waterloo
British slave trade outlawed
The regency- George, prince of wales is regent for George III who was declared incurably insane
Peterloo massacre
Accession of George IV
Accession of William IV
Passage of the reform act in parliament
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