English literature chapter 5

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The genre which expericenced a great decline in the seventeenth century
John Milton
Most outstanding poet of the seventeenth century and second greatest writer in English literature
John Donne
George Herbert
Henry Vaughn
Thomas Traherne
4 best known metaphysical poets
Richard Lovelace
Robert Herrick
George Wither
3 cavalier poets
John Donne
The first and greatest of the metaphysical poets
Edmund Waller
Lyric poet so was famous for his use of the couplet
Thomas Traherne
A metaphysical poet who was born in wales and became an Anglican clergyman
John Milton
John Bunyan
The two great puritan writers
Paradise lost
Englands greatest epic
A complete thought expressed in two rhyming line
Pilgrims progress
Englands greatest allegory
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