English Literature- Christmas Carol

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Which of the spirits does not speak to Scrooge?
The ghost of christmas yet to come.
What is Jacob Marley forced to drag about as a result of his sinful life?
Heavy chains forged from ledgers and lockboxes.
Why does Scrooge like darkness?
It is cheap.
Who is in the grave in Stave Four?
Ebonezer Scrooge.
In what year was A Christmas Carol written?
Which character is Fred’s mother?
Why does Belle end her engagement to Scrooge?
Because Scrooge is consumed by greed.
What is the Ghost of Christmas Present’s throne made of?
To whom does Scrooge send the Christmas turkey?
The Cratchits
Who brings Scrooge home from school?
Which one of the spirits has a glowing head?
The ghost of christmas past.
Who appears in Scrooge’s door-knocker?
The ghost of Jacob Marley.
Who asks Scrooge for a charitable contribution?
Two portly Gentle- men
What is Scrooge’s typical response to “Merry Christmas”?
“Bah! Humbug!”
Which character utters the famous words, “God bless us, Every one”?
Tiny Tim
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