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What are the three aspects of setting in miss hinch?
Old times
Child labor jobs
What is the atmosphere of top man and what ways does it enhance the conflicts?
Anticipation and don’t know what will happen
Do you think the lions paw could be propaganda too?
Yes both cause it persuades you cause it’s saying not to take something that’s yours
What is garlands worldview in the lions paw?
Bad things happen to bad people
What is the main conflict in Mrs hinch?
Man vs man
What is the atmosphere of miss hinch?
How is top man resolved?
They make it to the top and put the axe in the mountain
Does nice experience any internal conflict
Yes, he gave his life for others
In top man What figure of speech established the setting as an antagonist
What is the main conflict of through the tunnel and how is it resolved
Man vs nature and they make it to the top of the cave
Is the conflict in the duel internal or external
How does the duel resolved and what does he want to say to it
Nothing he wants us to be left with no knowledge
Who r the antagonist and protagonist of the lions paw?
Haskins and butler
Mmiss hinch contains a great deal of what?
Who is the hero of top man
What does jerry do at the end of through the tunnel
He shows the boys he can swim through the tunnel
Who is the villain of the duel?
Ivan Golubenko
What is important about Tereshkova story
Social values of the settin
Under the lions paw illustrates what form of propaganda
The persuasive elements rope all wht to the readers
To emotions and readers and expense of their reason
How does character motivation make a character more believable
Understand the actions and background
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