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Angle Land
that land that is now called Britain; called this because of Anglo-Saxon invasion
Alfred the Great
first king of England
Magna Carta
a character in 1215 putting a limit on kings power- start of the parlamentary government
wrote history of english church and people
William the Conquerer
Duke of Normandy in France who led the last invasion of England
Henry VII
unified England
what was the English society like before Christianity, when did it arrive, and what did it bring to england?
Pegans; 597 AD; Latin
What language did the Normans bring to England and what new social structure did they bring
French, futilism
How many people did the black death kill? What wars afflicted the country?
1/3 of the population; war of roses, civil wars
the sea was referred to as what two things
a protective barrier and an untamable threat
Christain monks changed “The Seafarer” and “The Wanderer” by….
adding christian themes
In Beowulf, the sea-road led to
fame and horror
center of society, togetherness, food, drink, warmth, protection, PARTAYYYYS
Bede portrayed England as
a nation abundant in resources
Canterbury Tales
helped draw together a national identity by showering different social classes; represented the rising middle class
what world was passing away in Beowulf
the world of the tribal life/hero
what was a source of political turbulence in the medieval period
the Peasants Revolt; farmers and laborers demanded a greater share of wealth
Chaucer reflected the riding middle class by
showing them how they really are
what did Sir Gawain and the Green Knight express through the use of old legends
you can learn about yourself through a series of tests
morte d’arthur sit thomas malory reworked the story of arthur in order to…
provide a farwell of the era of knights
how did different tellers change Beowulf
added christain elements, changed the ending
poetic rhythm that chaucer developed
iambic pentameter
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