English literature paper 2 Inspector calls quotes

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“You’re squiffy” – Shelia to Eric
-Shows Eric drinks too much
“I speak as a hard headed business man” – Mr Birling
-Shows pride
“Unsinkable, absolutely Unsinkable” – Mr Birling
-Dramatic irony
-Shows he is stupid
-Titanic is a metaphor for the family
“Girls of that class” – Mrs Birling
-Shows Mrs Birling is socialy and morally superior
-Shows she thinks the poor are worthless
-Emphasis on “that” shows her disgust
“You’re not the kind of farther a chap could go to when he’s in trouble” – Eric
-Inadequate parent
“We are all members of one body” – Inspector
-Shows priestlys socialist views
-Contradicting Mr billings “Every man for himself”
“Everything’s alright now” – Gerald to Sheila
-Gerald has not understood the message
“Each of you helped to kill her” – Inspector
-The birlings and Gerald are a metaphor for the upperclass
-Nobody is without blame
“I’d give thousands” – Mr Birling
-Mr Birling wouldn’t pay two extra shillings and now he would pay thousands
-The offer is meaningless because it’s not possible to save her
-It shows Mr Birling thinks money solves everything
“Look at the way he talked to me” – Mr Birling
-Shows that Birling feels his social class entitles him to different treatment
“By Jingo! A fake!” – Mr Birling
-He wants to belive it’s a unlikely set of coincidences
“That doesn’t matter to me” – Eric
-The theorys that Gerald and Mr Birling are saying doesn’t change Eric’s guilt
-He’s not willing to ignore his mistakes
“I suppose we’re nice people now” – Sheila
-Bitter reaction to the family’s reaction
-She is appalled that they think they have done nothing wrong just because she isn’t dead
-She wants them to realize they have made mistakes
“That was the police. A girl has just died” – Mr birling
-They must face the reality of their actions
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