GCSE English Literature | Poetry – Love and Relationships | Key Quotes

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(When We Two Parted) How should I greet thee?
With silence and tears.
(When We Two Parted) Colder
thy kiss
(When We Two Parted) A knell
to mine ear
(When We Two Parted) thy spirit
(When We Two Parted) sunk
chill on my brow
(Love’s Philosophy) All things by
a law divine
(Love’s Philosophy) nothing in the
world is single
(Love’s Philosophy) the winds
of heaven mixed for ever
(Porphyria’s Lover) the sullen wind
was soon awake
(Porphyria’s Lover) and yet God
has not said a word!
(Porphyria’s Lover) she shut out
the cold and the storm
(Porphyria’s Lover) she put my
arm about her waist
(Porphyria’s Lover) blushed bright beneath
my burning kiss
(Porphyria’s Lover) I am quite sure
she felt no pain
(Sonnet 29 – ‘I think of thee!’) I do not think of thee —
I am too near thee
(Sonnet 29 – ‘I think of thee!’) renew thy presense
as a strong tree should
(Sonnet 29 – ‘I think of thee!’) my thoughts do twine and bud
About thee, as wild vines, about a tree
(Neutral Tones) and the sun was white,
as though chidden of God
(Neutral Tones) and a few leaves lay
on the starving sod
(Neutral Tones) And a pond edged with
greyish leaves
(Neutral Tones) like an ominous
bird a-wing
(The Farmer’s Bride) too young maybe –
but more’s to do at harvest-time than bide and woo
(The Farmer’s Bride) shy as a
(The Farmer’s Bride) sweet as the
first wild violets
(The Farmer’s Bride) straight and slight
as a young larch tree
(Walking Away) like a winged seed
loosened from its parent stem
(Walking Away) like a satellite
wrenched from its orbit
(Walking Away) with the pathos of
a half-fledged thing set free
(Walking Away) ordeals
which fire one’s irresolute clay
(Letters From Yorkshire) his knuckles singing
as they reddened in the warmth
(Letters From Yorkshire) my heartful
of headlines
(Letters From Yorkshire) feeding words
onto a blank screen
(Letters From Yorkshire) pouring air and light
into an envelope
(Eden Rock) I had not thought
it would be like this
(Eden Rock) the sky whitens
as if lit by three suns
(Eden Rock) crossing is not
as hard as you might think
(Eden Rock) over the drifted
(Follower) but today it is my father
who keeps stumbling behind me, and will not go away
(Follower) I was a nuisance,
tripping, falling, yapping always
(Follower) his shoulders globed
like a full sail strung
(Follower) he rode me
on his back
(Mother, any distance) Anchor.
(Mother, any distance) an endless sky
to fall or fly
(Mother, any distance) your fingertips still pinch
the last one-hundredth of an inch
(Mother, any distance) I space-walk
through the empty bedrooms
(Before You Were Mine) the fizzy,
movie tomorrows
(Before You Were Mine) my loud,
possessive yell
(Before You Were Mine) you reckon
it’s worth it
(Winter Swans) swum the
distance between us
(Winter Swans) as if rolling weights
down their bodies to their heads
(Winter Swans) we skirted the lake,
silent and apart
(Winter Swans) like a pair of
wings settling after flight
(Singh Song) from di stool each night I say
Is priceless baby –
(Singh Song) tiny eyes ov a gun and
di tummy ov a teddy
(Singh Song) all di colours
of punjabi
(Singh Song) cos up di
stairs is my newly bride
(Climbing My Grandfather) the glassy ridge
of a scar
(Climbing My Grandfather) ―I decide to do it
free, without a rope or net
(Climbing My Grandfather) The skin of his finger is smooth and thick
like warm ice
(Climbing My Grandfather) Knowing the slow
pulse of his good heart
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