Ms. Tepperman: Pre-AICE English Literature Final Exam Review-SAT 2

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abeyance (n)
suspension; temporary inactivity (held in abeyance)
arbiter (n)
a judge; one who has the authority to settle a dispute
bastion (n)
projecting portion of a fortification; a fortified place
charlatan (n)
one who poses as a expert in a skill or profession for which he/she isn’t qualified
decadent (adj)
characterized by moral or cultural decline; luxuriously self-indulgent
dour (adj)
grim; severe in manner (often refers to a person’s expression)
exigency (n)
urgent need; situation demanding prompt correction or action
furbished (v)
polished to make bright; made shiny by rubbing
histrionic (adj)
pertaining to actors, acting, or the stage; theatrical
indolent (adj)
knoll (n)
small hill or mound
mellifluous (adj)
sweetly or smoothing flowing (like honey); sweet sounding
novice (n)
inexperienced one; beginner; one newly received into religious order
parsimonious (adj)
excessively economic; stingy; frugal
presage (v)
to foretell; to predict
rancor (n)
bitter resentment; ill will; spite
saga (n)
legendary or heroic story
solace (n)
comfort in sorrow, misfortune, or trouble
tautology (n)
needless repetition of ideas in different words; redundancy
unplumbed (adj)
of unknown depths; unfathomed
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