Pioneers of English Literature

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Father of English poetry
Geoffrey Chaucer
Father of English literature
Geoffrey Chaucer
Father of English Language
Geoffrey Chaucer
Father of English novel
Henry Fielding
Father of English Drama
W. Shakespeare – Dazzling sun….called Tennyson
Father of modern drama
Henrik Ibsen
father of English tragedy
C. Marlowe – the morning star….called Tennyson
Father of English short story
Edger Allan Poe
Father of English criticism
John Dryden
Greatest English Dramatist of modern period
G.B. Shaw
Father of English Romanticism
S.T Coleridge
W. Wordsworth
Father of English Grammar
Lindley Murray
Father of English Essay
Francis Bacon
Father of English prose
Alfred the Great
Father of Science fiction
Jules Verne
Father of American literature
Mark Twain
Father of Historical fiction
Sir Walter Scott
Poets of poets
Edmund Spencer
Master of English satire
Jonathan Swift
The nest of Singing Birds
Elizabethan period
Poet of Nature
w. Wordsworth
poet of beauty / Sensuousness
John Keats
Epic poet
John Milton
The Bard of Avon
W. Shakespeare
Rebel poet
Lord Byron
revolutionary poet in English literature
P.B. Shelley
First English Dictionary Writer
Dr. Samuel Johnson
Addicted to Opium
S.T Coleridge
Professionally a man of medicine
John Keats
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