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In the middle English work by Geoffrey Chaucer, pilgrims pass the time telling stories
The Canterbury Tales
Noted for hi satires of corruption, this individual published Gulliver’s Travels in 1726
Johnathan Swift
William Shakespeare wrote all to the following except
The Waste Land
After serving as secretary to Oliver Cromwell, this man wrote his masterpiece, Paradise lost, in blindness and poverty
John Milton
Two lyric poets of the Romantic Period were
John Keats & Perey Shelley
Individual creativity, imagination and emotion instead of reason and intellect; sympathy with nature; freedom from tradition, with which period or movement of English literature do these correspond?
The horror of WWI, disillusionment with European civilization; radical experimentation in literature; alienation of artist. These marked the beginning of which literary period?
The literature of this period is best known as reflecting the life styles of the pleasure-loving upper class that returned to power with Charles II.
The English drama first developed into a sophisticated are form in which period?
The Elizabethan Period
During this period, the reading public suddenly became much larger because novels were often read allowed in the family circle, novelists were forced to avoid topics that might embarrass impressionable young ladies. Which period does this describe?
The “Norma Invasion” heralded the influence of which European language on the English tongue?
Which social upheaval effectively destroyed the English theatre and beheaded a king?
The Puritan Rebellion
The Industrial Revolution; The American Revolution; the French Revolution. Which period of English literature corresponds to these events?
The Victorian Era
During this period; England’s early industrialization enabled her to capture markets worldwide; the naton was enormously wealthy, the leading financial power in the world. It’s empire spread over a quarter of the world’s surface.
the early seventeenth century
Which of the following did NOT occur in the twentieth century?
The political domination of Ireland by the English finally came to an era
An author’s choice of words is called
A short, song-like poem expressing a personal thought, mood, or feeling is called
a lyric
A poem consisting of 14 lines of iambic pentameter and conventional rhyme scheme is called
a sonnet
A type of writing that ridicules people, ideas, or things in order to provoke change is called
A grouping of lives as a separate unit in a poem is called
a stanza
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