Figurative Language

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He hardly heard her when she yelped.
Tip: Repeats consonant sound
Tip : Repeats the first letter consonant sound
Answer: Alliteration
The mountain glared down on the lonely valley below.
Tip: makes something not human seem human
Tip: It is not a person but seems like one
Answer: Personification
The homebuilder was homeless when he was young.
Tip: It is a ha, ha moment
Tip: It often depends on opposites
Answer: Irony
The sparkle of her smile was like the sun shining after a rainstorm.
Tip compares two things that are different and makes a common connection.
Tip: Uses like or as
Answer: Simile
The repeat of the beat filled the ears of bystanders standing on the street.
Tip: It creates a rhythm to the sentence
Tip: Dr. Suess like this
Answer: Internal Rhyme
The wise man spoke foolish words.
Tip: Built on a contradiction
Tip: Makes the reader go “ah”.
Answer: Paradox
He repeats either east or west every time I ask him a question.
Tip: Uses the same sound
Tip: The vowel sound is the key
Answer: Assonance
The doves signaled a new era of brotherly love.
Tip: One word stands in for another
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