Beowulf-Literary Devices

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The repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning (sometimes the middle) of words.
Example: Then when darkness had dropped, Grendel Went up to Herot, wondering what the warriors…
A reference to a person, place, event, or item from literature, history, art, or religion.
Example: Abel and Cain from the Bible
A pause or break in a line of poetry
Example: So Grendel ruled fought with the righteous
Poetry expressing sorrow or lamentation.
Example: Beowulf’s Battle with the flying dragon
A long narrative poem about a hero
Examples: Paradise Lost, Beowulf
The use of clues to hint at what is going to happen later in the plot
Example: He Would keep them safe from evil…
A contrast between expectation and reality; between what is said and what is really meant
Example: Beowulf describes himself as being courteous to the monster when in reality, he is not; he kills it.
Phrase or metaphor composed of two words for a specific object
Example: “word-candle” for sun; “battle-flasher” for sword
A person, place or thing that stands both for itself and something beyond itself.
Example: Armor represents God’s protection or power; Grendel represents evil.
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