Classic Of Poetry

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The classic of poetry is also known as what
Book of songs or book of odes
The classic of poetry is the oldest poetry collection of what area of the world
East asia
The classic of poetry conveys what familiar themes from folk ballads
Courtship, death, agricultural cycle
COP is filled with images of nature and the plain life of what type of society
COP has had a profound influence on the literatures f what three countries
Korea, Japan, Vietnam
With what did Chinese literature originate
How many poems does COP include
Give the name
Tradition credits what person as the compiler of the COP
From what did he allegedly select the poems in the collection
Took them from 3000 poems
The choice and arrangement of the poems, therefore, were seen as an expression of what
Confucius’ philosophy
The classic of poetry can provide you with ___ and with ____, with a capacity for ___ and with a vehicle for ___. At home they enable you to serve your ___, and abroad to serve your ____.
Stimulation, observation, communication, grief, father, more
What is the great preface
Fundamental statement
When was it written
More than 500 years ago; after COP was collected
What were the six principles of poetry according to the great preface
To what does feng refer
Wind, influence, airs, criticism
In reality, most poems in the COP contain what
What ideas about poetry and song were central to the Confucian understanding of poetry and society
That poetry and song can bridge the gap between social classes, give people a voice, and serve as tools as influence and criticism
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