a beka world literature unit 1-2 test review

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short story
an imaginative prose narrative written to five the reader entertainment and insight. it is designed to produce a single impression or effect and is short enough to be read in one sitting
what happens in the story
what it means
the time, place, and general background
the attitude or emotion of the author or narrator toward his subject or audience
who makes it happen
direct exposition
telling the reader directly what the character is like
indirect revaltion
allows the reader to draw his own conclusion from what the other characters think of him
static character
remains essentially the same throughout the story
dynamic character
undergoes some change and is different at the end of the story
point of view
the method of presenting the reader with the material of the story;; it is the perspective from which the story is told
omniscient point of view
an all-knowing author is the narrator who comments freely on the actions and characters as he is able to delve in to the minds of all characters and tell what they think and feel
limited point of view
the author tells the story from the viewpoint of one character using either the first or third person
objective point of view
the author presents the characters in action with no comment, allowing the reader to come to his own conclusions
a short narrative song written in stanzas
groups of repeated lines usually containing the same meter and rhyme scheme
conversation between characters
folk ballad
the earliest type of ballad, is anonymous and was originally sung
literary ballad
is consciously written by a poet in imitation of the folk ballad
dramatic dialouge
a poem which reveals a character through his conversation
liberty hill
what was the name of the town where miss dove taught school for 30 years
cedar grove
at what school did miss dove teach
pearl harbor
what world event had scattered Miss Dove’s former students
world war 2
what part of the war had thomas baker been in and what happened to him
thomas, randy’s brother
who wrote the letter that caused such a stir in miss dove’s classroom
give miss dove a kiss
in the letter, what had thomas asked his brother to do for him
perfect; windless, warm, the sky without a cloud
what was the weather like on the morning of the garden-party
a canopy or tent without walls
what is a marquee
because the man died
why did laura want to stop the party
a food basket
what did mrs. sheridan send to the widow
the horse
who is the hero in “how they brought the good news from ghent to aix”
because he had no clothes
why didn’t the boy in “the ballad of the harp weaver” attend school or play outside
a harp weave
what did the mother use to weave cloth
his dead mother and clothes she made for him
what did the boy find when he awoke on christmas morning
an outlaw
what is a highwayman
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