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Godfrey chose not to make it known that Eppie was his daughter, but he wrote the truth in his ___
Silas and Eppie took a trip where before her wedding?
Lantern Yard
who offered to provide Eppie’s wedding dress?
Mrs. Cass
said “I wanted to pass for childless once”
“For I am ugly-there’s no denying that: I feature my father’s family. But, law! I don’t mind, do you?”
Priscilla Lammeter
“a blond dimpled girl of eighteen who has vainly tried to chastise her curly auburn hair into smoothness under her brown bonnet”
Eppie Marner
“the eldest, a fine open-faced good-natured young man who was to come into the land someday”
Godfrey Cass
“the Squire’s sister, as well as the doctor’s wife–a double dignity with which her diameter was in direct proportion”
Mrs. Kimble
“if it was you who stole my money,” said Silas,…and raising voice to a cry, “give it me back,–and I won’t meddle with you”
Jem Rodney
“she was the person always first thought of in Raveloe when there was illness or death in a family
Dolly Winthrop
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