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what subject did Ms. Dove teach?
Katherine Mansfield was born where?
New Zealand
the “landlord’s black-eyed daughter” was named what?
a neighbor of the Sheridans was killed while what?
riding in a horse-drawn cart
imaginary persons who carry out the action of a plot
Mr. Gradgrind was employed in what field?
the deacon’s masterpiece lasted how long?
100 years
who planted a kiss on Ms. Dove’s cheek?
Randy Baker
hired man that came “home” to die
horse that carried his rider all the way to Aix
event that happened on the same day the deacon built his “one-hoss shay”
what did the mother give her son in “The Ballad of the Harp-Weaver”?
what did Laura take to the grieving family?
Robert Frost
“The Death of the Hired Man”
Charles Dickens
“A School of Facts”
Katherine Mansfield
“The Garden-Party”
Robert Browning
“How They Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix”
Alfred Noyes
“The Highwayman”
Oliver Wendell Holmes
“The Deacon’s Masterpiece”
developed and perfected the dramatic monologue
Robert Browning
wrote novels describing the life of the poor in early nineteenth-century England
Charles Dickens
considered by many to be the outstanding American poet of the twentieth century
Robert Frost
known as “Mr. Boston”
Oliver Wendell Holmes
won a Pulitzer Prize for several volumes of poetry
Edna St. Vincent Millay
time, place, and general background of a story
character who undergoes some change and is different at the end of the story
dynamic character
imaginative prose narrative designed to produce a single impression and to be read in one sitting
short story
method of presenting the reader with the material of the story
point of view
conversation between characters
“home is the place where, when you have to go there, they take you in”
“The Death of the Hired Man”
“you’ve need of clothes to cover you, and not a rag have I”
“The Ballad of the Harp-Weaver”
“I sprang to the stirrup, and Joris, and he; I galloped, Dirck galloped, we galloped all three”
“How They Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix”
“thut the weakes’ place mus’ stan’ the strain; ‘N’ the way t’ fix it, uz I maintain, is only jest T’ make that place uz strong uz the rest”
“The Deacon’s Masterpiece”
briefly explain some of the character qualities that Ms. Dove encouraged her students to develop through her strong classroom discipline
Ms. Dove had rules for her classroom which encouraged her students to develop the qualities of fortitude, industriousness, neatness, and punctuality
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