Abeka World Literature Test 2

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George Eliot
who wrote ~Silas Marner~?
what occupation was Silas Marner?
Dunstan Cass
who stole Silas’s money?
Silas was once engaged to who?
what is Fleet?
Mr. Crackenthorp
rector in Raveloe
Mr. Tookey
Mr. Snell
landlord of the Rainbow Inn
Ben Winthrop
wheelwright in Raveloe
Mr. Kimble
Raveloe’s doctor
William Dane
thief who falsely accused Silas
Mr. Dowlas
Godfrey Cass
husband of Molly Farren
Mr. Macey
highly respected tailor and parish clerk
Aaron Winthrop
rosy faced boy who sang for Silas
Dolly Winthrop
encouraged Silas to go to church
Molly Farren
died in the snow
Squire Cass
unconcerned father, important in Raveloe
Nancy Lammeter
danced with Godfrey Cass at the New Year’s party
Eppie Marner
Godfrey’s daughter, adopted by Silas
nineteenth century
great period in the development of the novel in America and Europe
separate stories or series of incidents going on at the same time as the main plot but are related in some way are known as
point of greatest interest in a story or novel
novel that deals with social customs and manners of a particular class at a particular time and place
novel that seeks to show the spirit of a past age or to recreate a person or series of events of the past
Lantern Yard
name of the place where Silas lived as a young man
Aaron Winthrop
whom did Eppie marry?
that he was really Eppie’s father
what secret did Godfrey decide to put in his will?
Dolly Winthrop
Eppie’s godmother
Jen Rodney
“what could I ha’ done with his money? I could as easy steal the parson’s surplice, and wear it”
Godfrey Cass
“I wanted to pass for childless once…–I shall pass for childless now against my wish”
Priscilla Lammeter
“For I AM ugly–there’s no denying that: I feature my father’s family. But, law! I don’t mind, do you?”
Dunstan Cass
“Suppose, now, you get the money yourself, and save me the trouble, eh? Since you was so kind as to hand it over to me, you’ll not refuse me the kindness to pay it back for me.”
Silas Marner
“when a man turns a blessing from his door, it falls to them as take it in”
Nancy Lammeter
“as for her own person, it gave the same idea of perfect unvarying neatness as the body of a little bird”
Mrs. Kimble
“the Squire’s sister, as well as the doctor’s wife–a double dignity, with which her diameter was in direct proportion”
Godfrey Cass
“the eldest, a fine open-faced good-natured young man who was to come into the land some day”
Eppie Marner
“a blond dimpled girl of eighteen who has vainly tried to chastise her curly auburn hair into smoothness under her brown bonnet”
in Raveloe, superstition caused a fear of strangers, and the viewing of herbal cures as magic, while religion was not a real influence in daily life. church attendance was irregular and tended more toward social events.

in Lantern Yard, superstition was involved in religion itself; the people believed in visions and in casting lots. the church strongly influenced the lives of its members, controlling many aspects of their daily lives.

in a short paragraph, contrast the influence of religion and superstition in the lives of the people of Raveloe with its influence in the lives of the people of Lantern Yard
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