Masterpieces of World Literature Exam 1

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Bengal Renaissance
Movement that sought to restore/maintain traditional Indian cultural values while accepting certain aspects of Western culture. Associated with a growing national consciousness that lead to a throwing off of colonial rule.
Debendranath Tagore
(Rabindranath’s father) Leader of the Brahmo Samaj. Sought to produce the “universal human spirit”
Brahmo Samaj
Hindu social reform group (1828) that sought to rid Hinduism of “polytheism, the caste system and move its doctrines toward acceptance of reason and intuition”
Rabindranath Tagore
1st Indian writer to win the Nobel Prize (1913). Gitanjali (1912), moved him into the international spotlight. Championed by William Butler Yeats. Knighted in 1915, returned honor in protest of the Amritsar Massacre
Amritsar Massacre
British soldiers killed 379 unarmed Indians at a political demonstration urging independence
Founded by Tagore. An experimental school that became Visva Bharati University. Progressive school that taught in Bengali and not in English.
Visva Bharati University
Formerly Santiniketan. Supported Tagore’s notion of a “world university reconciling East and West, country and city, scientific and spiritual knowledge”
Pavel Egorovich Chekhov
Son of a serf who bought his family’s freedom. Chekhov’s greatest influence.
Antosha Chekhonte
Nickname given by Pokrovsky, a religion instructor, which he used to sign his early published writings
Letter of a Landowner in the Don District to His Learned Neighbor
Chekhov’s first published story
D.V. Grigorovich
Asked Chekhov to devote himself to the production of “excellent, really artistic” works of literature. Turning point in Chekhov’s career
Chekhov’s first play
Making it strange
Alexis Suvorin
Chekhov’s publisher
Negative will
Chekhov insisted on freedom from any such ideology
Rises above any idea, greater than what is stated
Smoking device,water pipe; reference to the past
Butter used in cooking
Sacred writings of Hinduism
Harem in the palace of a Muslim
Form of poetry used to express love
Hindu religious exercise or pilgrimage
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