World Literature Exam #1

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Characteristics of Oral Literature
– Gods and Goddesses
Characteristics of Oral Literature
– Tells a myth
Characteristics of Oral Literature
– Has an underlying mortality lesson
Characteristics of Oral Literature
– Tells a story
Characteristics of Oral Literature
– involves superhuman powers
Etiological Myths
– stories which provide a mythological explanation for peculiar things in nature
– a story which explains where something came from
Characteristics of Epic Genre
– Plot centers around a hero of unbelievable stature
– Involves deeds of superhuman strength and valor
– Vast setting
– Involves supernatural and-or otherworldly forces
– Sustained elevation style
– Poet remains objective and omniscient
Epic Similes
– are drawn out and elaborate “as…so” comparison
Genesis- Chaotic Primeval State
– “formless” and “empty”
Genesis- Primordial Waters
– “darkness” over the surface of the watery depths
– the separation of two spheres of water
Genesis- Creation of Mankind
– man is formed out of “dust”
Genesis- Image
– mankind is created in the “image of God”
– where the divine image given to Adam is carried on to his offspring
Genesis- Temple-Rest
– Yahweh takes up divine rest in his cosmic-temple after creation out of chaos
Enuma Elish- Chaotic Primeval State
– chaos from the absence of gods and the absence of “name”
Enuma Elish- Primordial Waters
– Tiamat, personification of primeval ocean, split into two spheres of water
Enuma Elish- Creation of Mankind
– Mankind is created from the blood of Kingu, Tiamat’s co-conspirator
Enuma Elish- Image
– Anu begets Nudimmud in his image
– Both Anu and Nudimmud are both gods, not humans
Enuma Elish- Temple-Rest
– Marduk and other gods take rest in temple after victory over creation-conflict
Men VS. Women- Enuma Elish
– Marduk vs. Tiamat- women are lesser
Men VS. Women- Genesis
– men and women are one in flesh
Men VS. Women- Gilgamesh
– women are to please man, people considered women and sex calming forces that could domesticate wild men like Enkidu brining them into the civilized world
Power, Kingship, Violence- Enuma Elish
-Apsu kills the younger gods
– Marduk kills Tiamat and spreads her body around to make the world
– Ea creates the first man to be a helper of the gods
Power, Kingship, Violence- Genesis
– God creates the heavens and the earth
– God creates light
– God creates mankind from dust
– God creates every living and nonliving thing
Power, Kingship, Violence- Gilgamesh
– Gilgamesh and Enkidu wrestle, Gilgamesh wins and shows his power over Enkidu
– Gilgamesh and Enkidu wrestle the bull of heaven and kill it
– Gods meet and punish Enkidu to death
– have less population
– more peace and quiet
– things are farther away
– highly populated
– easy access to services
Urban VS. Rural- Gilgamesh
– more of an urban life with thick walls surrounding city
– Gilgamesh and Enkidu venture out of civilization
– at the end Gilgamesh ends up in the city of Uruk which is like someone from a small city in Alaska seeing the Manhattan skyline for the first time
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