World Literature p. 26-32 readings

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What is a mythic hero?
Remarkable birth or childhood. Offspring of God + human being so possess qualities of immortals and mortals
What is a folktale hero?
Ordinary person but exceptionally kind, clever, or resourceful.
What is a quest?
Journey taken in search of a person or object of great value.
What is Theseus background?
Theseus fathered by king. Kills monster, wins princess, gains kingdom, + descends to underworld.
How does Theseus come into being?
King Aegus secretly marries Princess Aethra. She has that child.
What happens on Theseus’ 14th birthday?
Aertha tells Theseus to bring the sandals to his father Aegus the king of Athens
What happens on Theseus’ way to his fathers castle?
Beat Giant Sinis, then he killed a wild sow, fought Procustes, an innkeeper. He cut off innkeeper’s head.
What happens with Medea?
King Aegus had married Medea, however Medea tried to poison Theseus, so King Aegus knocked poison over and Medea escaped in magic could
What do the nephews try to do to Theseus?
Try to ambush Theseus, but Theseus kills them all
What occurred after Minos’ son Androgeus won all the games?
THought it was a plot to seize throne, so the nephews murdered him. Minos complained to Olympians, so now Aegus must send seven boys and seven girls from Athens every ninth year to be devoured by the Cretan Minotaur.
Who is sent to the Cretan Minotaur?
Theseus, he is determined to kill the Minotaur to end these terrible games.
How is Theseus able to kill the Cretan Minotaur?
Ariadne, Minos’ daughter, falls in love w/ Theseus, asks to marry Theseus if she helps him kill the Cretan Minotaur. Ariadne has a magic ball of thread so that when she leads it through the labyrinth door, it will guide through twisted paths. She also lets Theseus know that the Minotaur sleeps one hour at midnight. Theseus cuts the Minotaur’s head off.
What does God Dionysus tell Theseus?
To leave Ariadne, because he wants her for himself, so Theseus leaves. God Dionysus gives Ariadne a bejeweled coronet which becomes “The Northern Crown.”
What does Peirithous ask of Theseus?
To help him marry Persephone, which means he must go to the underworld.
What happens in the Underworld?
Hades traps them in a bench, so they are stuck in the underworld forever.
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