World Literature test 6

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Edger Allen pow
“The inspiration of Mr. Budd”
Of the immitation of Christ
Thomas a Kempis wrote a devotional book
Still higher
Excelsior means
The great stone face
The one most like the great stone face
The Gessler brothers in quality made what
The use of soft smooth sounds is called what
The use of rough harsh sounds
The pattern ^^`
The pattern `^^
The pattern ^`
The pattern `^
The pattern “
The land was hours before we were the land’s is an example of
The destruction of sennacherib is by who
The Psalms used the construction of two or more thoughts in the same pattern
In what men live by Michael learns that men live by what
A sonnet is an example of
Italian sonnet
A petrarcharchan sonnet is called
A couplet is how many lines
Who wrote Silas Marner
What time of year is described as a sonnet LXXIII: that time of year
In what country did haiku poetry originated
Who was the hired man in the death of the hired man
Edgar Allan Poe wrote a poem about a what tapping at a chamber door
Flooding his plantation
Leuningen finally conquered the invading ants by doing what
Mr bud died William Strickland’s hair what color
Who wrote the Erl-king
To say that a pine tree sleeps and dreams is an example of what
Who wrote the Pied Piper of Hamelin
How many lines are in a limerick
I thank you God for most this amazing is by?
Ralph Spencer
Jimmy Valentine change his name to
Which subject does miss Dove teach
Which involves only one syllable
Pearl S buck grew up in what country
What is the it in I like to see it lap the miles
What do we call the arrangements of incidents or events in a story
What do we call the central idea which gives a work meaning
Which kind of sonnet is made up of three quarantines and a couplet
What form of poetry did Robert Browning perfect
Godfrey cass
I wanted to pass for childless once
Married Silas’s fiance
Mr snell
Mr tookey
Tailor & parish clerk
Priscilla lammeter
For I am ugly there’s no denying that I feature my father’s family
Eppie marner
Orphan found on a hearth
ask for her own person it gave the same idea of perfect unvarying neatness as a body of a little bird
Raveloes rector
Drowned in the stone pits
She was the person always first thought of in Raveloe when there was an illness or death in a family
Found dead in the snow
The Squires sister as well as the doctor’s wife a double dignity with which her diameter was in direct proportion
Unrhymed iambic pentameter
Blank verse
A group of four lines
Correspondence of sounds
The main character or hero
And opposing character or rival
Occurrence of rhythm at regular intervals
Poetry with no metrical pattern
Regular reoccurrence of sound or motion
English poet of Italian
19th century Victorian poets
British author who created Sherlock Holmes
Russian novelist
Only American to have his best place in the Poets Corner of Westminster Abbey
Isaac Watts
English writer of metrical Psalms
Katherine Mansfield
Writer from New Zealand
American poet who wrote about New England rural life
French author who is best known for his novels les miserablesThe Hunchback of Notre Dame
His queer long coat from heel to head was half of yellow and half of red
How they tinkle tinkle tinkle in the icy air of night
I know how the caged bird feels alas
This van Persie this which makes that I love more strong to love that well which down must leave ere long
Rainy day
Into each life some rain must fall some days must be dark and dreary
The garden party
Forgive my hat
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