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What element is the sun most made from?
Where do most stars go, when plotted into a graph of colour and brightness?
Main sequence
What is the final stage for massive stars?
A supenova or black hole
What is the largest planet?
What is cosmology?
The study of the origin, evolution & eventual fate of the universe
What is the order of planets in the Solar system?
Mercury, venus, earth, mars, jupiter, saturn, uranus & pluto
Does your mass change when you travel to another planet?
Does your weight change, if so why?
Yes, beacuse some planets have less gravity or more gravity
Where in the solar system would you be the heaviest?
The sun
What is the stars brightness known as?
What is absolute magnitude?
How much light is emmitted by the star
What is apparent magnitude?
How bright a star appears to be.
What do the stars colour depend on?
The temperature
Why are stars stable during the ‘main sequence’ period of the life cycle?
Forces within the star are blancanced
What is redshift?
Apparent change in colour (wavelength) of light due to the expansion of space
What happens to cause the stable period in the life cycle of a star to end?
It runs out of hydrogen in its core
Why are white dwarf stars dim?
Because they have a small radius
What is a planetary nebula?
The outer layer of stars
Are red supergiants stars dim, why/why not?
No, they are very bright due to their large radius
Are red giants cool or hot? Why?
They’re cool beacuse of the large radius of the star.
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