Astrophysics Quiz 2

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How do you calculate Magnitude?
focal length of scope/focal length of eye piece
List the electro-magnetic spectrum from longest to short
radio, microwaves, infrared, visible, ultraviolet, xray, gamma
What are the four colors stars can be and what is their order?
red, yellow, white, blue
What is the wavelength of the visible spectrum?
700 nm to 400 nm
What temperature does something have to be to glow?
Above O Kelvin
What is heating until glowing called?
Black body radiation (continuous spectrum)
What is an object that emits black body radiation called?
What are the four ways to create light?
Heat til glowing, circuit, annihilation of mass, exciting electrons
How does most info get to Earth?
light and particle
What is unique about light?
It is both a wave and particle and will always travel the same speed
What is a red shift? blue shift?
A Red Shift is lengthening caused by motion away and a Blue Shift is shortening caused by motion toward
What happens as wavelength gets shorter?
Frequency increases
What is a particle of light called?
Why do elements produce unique line spectra?
Every element has a unique electron cloud
What is plasma?
A gas that has been completely ionized (naked nuclei in a sea of free moving electrons, nuclei without an electron cloud)
What is needed for fusion?
If an electron cloud is shed, what is now possible?
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