Nuclear Physics definitions

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Atomic/proton number
Total number of protons in a nucleus. In an uncharged atom this is the number of electrons too. This determins the chemical properties of the element
Nucleon/mass number
Total number of protons and neutrons in a nucleus. Since electrons have nearly no mass, it also gives the mass
Neutron number
Total number of neutrons in an atom. Different atoms of the same element can have numbers
A specific nucleus; the ratio between the number of neutrons and protons in a nuclide determines its nuclear stability
An atom including a particular nuclide. There are usually several types of these per element; each with the same proton number but different neutron numbers. These have the same chemical property but different nuclear property
The central region of an atom which contains all the positive charge and most of the mass
A particle in the nucleus with no charge
Particle in the nucleus with positive charge
Particle just outside the nucleus with negative charge
A particle found in the nucleus (proton or neutron)
Plural of nucleus
Relating to the nucleus
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