Abnormal Psychology

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The study of abnormal behavior
1. Behaviorist perspective
2. Psycho-dynamic perspective
Situational Context
The environmental setting of a person behavior
1. Worklife
2. Homelife
Subjective Discomfort
Emotional Distress or emotional pain
1. Agoraphobia
2. Occurs in many settings
Anything preventing a person from normal functioning
1. Cutting oneself
2. Avoiding social settings
Psychological Disorders
Any behavior that causes people enough stress to harm others or themselves
1. Hard to define criteria
2. Abnormality versus insanity
Biological Model
Behavior caused by biological changes in the body
1. Schizophrenia
2. Depression
Cultural Relativity
Consideration of culture in medical diagnosis
1. TKS
2. Susto
Culture-Bound Syndromes
Disorders found only in particular cultures
1. Amok
2. Anorexia Nervosa
Cognitive Psychologists
Pyschologists who believe the struggle of the mind is between logical and illogical thoughts.
1. Abnormal behavior is illogical
2. Normal behavior is logical
Bio-psychosocial Model
Abnormal behavior is combination of factors
1. Culture
2. Social
Anxiety Disorders
Excessive or unrealistic anxiety and fearfulness
1. Treated with Alprazolam
2. Free-floating anxiety
Free-floating anxiety
Anxiety that is has no realistic reason
1. Worrying about losing job even though it is not in jeoprady
2. Worrying about bank going bankrupt even though economy is good
1. Agoraphobia
2. Mysophobia
Social Phobia
Fear of interacting with others
1. Can drastically reduce quality of life
2. Makes peoples home their prisons
Specific Phobia
Fear of Objects or specific situations or events
1. Arachnophobia
2. Ceraunophobia
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