PSYCH 301 Abnormal Psychology Chapter 1

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Abnormal Psychology
The study of people who suffer mental, emotional, and often physical pain. Often referred to as psychopathology
Cultural Relativism
The view that there are no universal standards or rules for labeling abnormal behavior. Instead behaviors can be labeled abnormal only relative to cultural norms
Interferes with a person’s ability to function in daily life
Causes emotional or physical pain
Outside of cultural norms/statistically infrequent
Behaviors and feelings that are of potential harm
the tool used for drilling into the skull (driving away evil spirits)
A person acted oddly was suspected of being possessed by____
Evil spirits
Treatment for abnormality during the Stone Age
drilling holes in the skull of a person displaying abnormal behavior to all the evil spirits to depart
Chinese believed lines, including insanity resulted when
yin and yang not in balance
The oldest writings on Abnormal Psychology from ancient Egypt were in the document called
Kahun Papyrus
refers to the physiological symptoms that probably are the result of psychological processes
Early greeks and romans saw abnormality as
an affliction from the God’s
Non-medical treatments prescribed by early greek/romans physicians
removing from different home/family, discussion w/ individual to restore rational control over emotions
Middle ages view on abnormal behavior
severe emotional shock and physical illness were often seen as the cause of abnormal behaviors, physicians and government officials didn’t believe demons/curses as a cause
Start of the 11th century, abnormality began to be seen as caused by
witch craft and satanism
Johann Weyer believed that those accused of being witches were suffering from
Melancholy and senility
Psychic Epidemics
phenomenon in which large numbers of people engage in unusual behaviors that appear to have a psychological orgin
Ancient Beliefs about the causes of abnormal behavior is centered around
supernatural theories
Mental Hygiene Movement
based on the psychological view that people developed problems because they have become separated from nature and had succumbed to the stresses imposed by the rapid social changed of the period
Moral Treatment
Patients be provided with human conditions to live in.
Biological Theories
Abnormal Behavior is similar to a physical disease and is caused by the break down of systems in the body
Supernatural Theories
Abnormal Behavior is a result of divine intervention, curses, demonic possession, and person sin
Primary influence of the unconscious mind on psychopathology/mental illness
Study of how behavior is influenced by observable and measurable environmental factors
Cognitive Psychology
Conditions are thought processes that influence behavior and emotion.
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