Psychology 201 (Abnormal Psychology)

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Abnormal Psychology
A broad field of study with the nature and development of abnormal behavior, thoughts, and feelings
Intern’s Syndrome
A term which refers to “identifying with symptoms”
Psychopathology, Mental Illness
Abnormal Psychology is very similar to _______________ and ______ _______.
In the prehistoric times to the middle ages, this was referred to as the manifestation of supernatural forces
Modern Ages (1500s)
This time was when “lunatics” and those having “Bedlam” were placed in Asylums
Another word for chaos and desperation
St. Bethlehem
A place for the mentally-ill
A place for safety
Who led the first humane approach in the late 1700s?
Late 1700s
When did drugs replace shackles and witch trials?
Late 1800s
When was the pivotal period in modern history?
Medical Model
This model was released in the late 1800s resulting to advances in science and medicine
Kraepelin, 1883
He posited the first systematic approach to psychopathology
The first modern classification system of psychological disorders
Psychogenic Pathway
A pathway wherein mind illness = body symptoms
Somatogenic Pathway
A pathway wherein body illness = mind symptoms
Iatrogenic Pathway
A pathway wherein illness is introduced by the healer
Societal norms/beliefs
Abnormal behaviors were interpreted in close relation to ______________________.
Biological Model
A paradigm of psychopathology that results from poor structure or function of the CNS
Neurological Function
Biological Model:
____________ ________ x Behavior
Psychodynamic Model
A paradigm of psychopathology that states pathology stems from unresolved unconscious conflicts.
Childhood Development
When do conflicts occur?
Psychoanalytic, Psychosexual, Freudian
Other terms for Psychodynamic Model:
______________, ____________, ________
Existential Models
A paradigm of psychopathology that is from Frankl’s theory, and is about logotherapy/logotheory
Frankl believed that inability to find meaning leads to what?
Aggression, Depression, Addiction
Three things one could go under in existential models
Existential models are prevalent in industrialized, _______ societies
Behavioral Models
A paradigm of psychopathology that states behaviors are the problem and not symptoms of underlying causes
Avert, Covert
According to behavioral models, behavior can be _____ or _____
Cognitive Models
A paradigm of psychopathology that says our thoughts govern and affect our moods and behaviors
“Cogito ergo sum”
“I think therefore I am”
Distorted thoughts
What thoughts cause mental illness?
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