Psychology Chapter 20 Terms- Abnormal Psychology

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Affective disorder
Disorder in which an individual’s moods are extremeenougg tl interfere with refular life activities
Memory disturbance, such as the inability to recall certain events or even one’s identity
Anxiety disorders
Disorders in which the primary trait is fear that danger or misfortune is looming; accompanied by physical symptoms such as rapid heart rate
Autistic disorder
Developmental disorder marked by severe communication and impersonal difficulties and cognitive impairment
Bipolar disorder
Disorder in which one goes to the opposite extremes of mania and depression
Repetitive, ritualized behaviors
Unshakable beliefs that are obviously not true
Dissociative disorders
Disorders in which sufferers escape from a painful situation by disconnecting from certain parts of themselves, such as by developing amnesia
Dysthymia disorder
Moderate depression that lasts for at least two years
Origin or cause of a disorder
Experiences in sensations of something that isn’t there, such as hearing voices or seeing visions
Recurring, unwanted thoughts
Personality disorders
Disorders that involve long lasting maladaptive personality traits that are often more disturbing to others than to the individual
Irrational or inappropriate persistent fears
Psychotic disorders
Disorders in which an individual loses contact with reality
Psychotic disorder marked by confused thoughts incoherent speech delusions hallucinations flat or inappropriate emotions paranoia or disturbances of movement
Somatoform disorders
Disorders in which physical symptoms arise from psychological causes
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