005 Understand Vocabulary Development

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systematic, non-contextual vocabulary strategies
grouping words based on conceptual categories
contextual vocabulary strategies
word explanation strategies
1. how to use dictionaries
2. how to use info about word parts
3. how to use context clues to determine word meanings.
classroom instruction
1. teaching specific words
2. Extended and active engagement with vocabulary
3. Using dictionaries and reference aids
4. Word parts
criteria for selecting vocabulary words
1. important words for understanding a concept or the text
2. useful words: likely to see again and again
3. difficult words: multiple meanings;
3 levels of word knowledge
unknown, acquainted, and established
4 types of word learning
learning a new meaning for a known word
2. learning the meaning of a new word representing a known concept
3. meaning of a new word representing an unknown concept
4. clarifying and enriching the meaning of a known word
context clues
hints about the meaning of an unknown word that are provided in the words, phrases, and sentences that surround the word.
strategies for clarifying and extending a reader’s understanding of unfamiliar words
semantic and syntactic cues; use of word maps; use of dictionary
expanding knowledge of academic language
conventions of standard English grammar and usage; differences between the conventions of spoken and written standard English; general academic vocabulary; content-area vocabulary
academic vocabulary
Tier Two words often represent subtle or precise ways to say relatively simple things—saunter instead of walk, for example. ; words that are not necessarily common or that children would encounter in conversation. These words often relate to other more familiar words that students use. generalizable.
content area vocabulary
domain specific
oral vocabulary
vocabulary one can use appropriately in speech and can understand when heard aloud
written vocabulary
words one can understand when seen in written form
semantic mapping
strategy that visually displays the relationship among words and helps to categorize them
dictionary definition of the word
emotional meaning attached to the word in addition to the dictionary meaning
vocabulary instruction
1) most is learned indirectly
2) some must be taught directly
Children learn word meanings
1. engage in daily oral language
2. listen to adults read to them
3. read extensively on their own
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