"Building a Better Vocabulary"- Some words that express Annoyance and Disgust

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Gadfly (n.)
1. A persistently annoying person who questions, critiques, and pesters.
2. An insect that annoys livestock by biting and sucking their blood.
Querulous (adj.)
Full of complaints; complaining in an annoyed way
[Used to describe a person or his or her manner or actions]
Peevish (adj.)
irritable; easily annoyed, especially by unimportant things
ex. people who complain about petty or trivial things
Petulant (adj.)
Bad tempered ex. behavior like that of a spoiled child
Carp (v.)
to complain or find fault in a petty or nagging way
(emphasize particularly mean-spirited, nasty criticizing or nitpicking)
Query (n.)
A question
Maudlin (adj.)
Foolishly, tearfully, and weakly sentimental; overly emotional
Mawkish (adj.)
Excessively and objectionably sentimental
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