Level E, Unit 4 – Choosing the right word

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Scientists have concluded that a sudden catastrophe (*expunged, converged*) dinosaurs from the face of the earth.
Instead of blaming a (*malevolent, invulnerable*) fate for your failures, why not look for the causes within yourself?
Instead of making an informed guess, why not (*ascertain, esteem*) exactly how many students are going on the trip to Washington?
The critic recognized the book’s faults but dismissed them a (*venial, uncanny*) in view of the author’s overall achievement.
Though the journey seemed interminable, I knew that it was (*cogent, finite*) and that I would soon be home.
Vast wealth, elegant clothes, and a (*finite, supercilious*) manner may make a snob, but they do not of themselves make a person a true gentleman or lady.
When I splattered paint on my art teacher, I tried to appear (*nonchalant, malevolent*) but succeeded only in looking horrified.
At first, the two candidates were in disagreement on every issue; but as the campaign went on, their opinions seemed to (*disperse, converge*).
When I found myself flushed with anger, I realized that I was not so (*scrupulous, invulnerable*) to their bitter sarcasm as I had thought I was!
Her bright, optimistic manner did much to (*ascertain, disperse*) the atmosphere of gloom that had settled over the meeting.
Lincoln said, “If you forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens, you can never regain their respect and (*esteem, attainment*).”
Though you forget my birthday, I did not receive a gift or card, it was a (*venial, scrupulous*) mistake an I shall forgive you.
When I walked into the abandoned house, I had this(*malevolent, uncanny*) feeling that someone was watching me.
Thought the couple have spent years studying African history, they do not claim to be (*omniscient, cogent*) in that field.
We were overjoyed when we heard our university was going to invited an (*invulnerable, esteemed*) author and playwright to speak at our commencement.
It seems unimaginable that when I look at the night sky, the number of stars is actually (*finite, omniscient*).
There are so many different factors involved in an energy crisis that no single measure can be expected to serve as a(n) (*panacea, attainment*).
Nothing he may (*expunge, bequeath*) to the next generation can be more precious than the memory of his long life of honorable public service.
She is the kind of person who has many (*panaceas, attainments*) but seems unable to put them to any practical use.
The reform candidate vowed to root out the corruption that (*bequeathed, skulked*) through the corridors of City Hall.
Is it true that some dogs have a(n) (*uncanny, nonchalant*) sense of the approach of death?
The newspaper revealed that the city’s chief building inspector was (*omniscient, affiliated*) with a large construction company.
I found your criticism of my conduct unpleasant, but I had to admit that your remarks were (*venial, cogent*).
As a member of the grand jury, it is your duty to be (*supercilious, scrupulous*) in weighing every bit of evidence.
A large crowd (*ascertained,converged*) on the mall to buy the lastet gadget.
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