Microsoft PowerPoint Vocabulary Words

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an automatic determination of the best width for a column or the best height for a row, based on its contents
black slide
indicates the end of a presentation
creating a lower-level paragraph
Dialog Box Launcher
an icon available in many groups on the ribbon that you can click to open a dialog box or task pane related to the current group
Document Information Panel
A pane that you can display at the top of the document window in which you can view or add properties to a document.
document theme
Consistancy in design and color throughout the entire presentation by setting to color scheme, font, and font size and layout presentation
drag and drop
A feature that allows a user to select text using a mouse or pointing device, and quickly move (drag) it to a different location
A set of choices, often graphical, arranged in a grid or list.
horizontal scroll bar
a tool in a word processor that allows the user to scroll left and right
inserting multimedia
insert artwork and multimedia effects into your slide show. the micrososft clip organizer contians hundreds of media files, including pictures, photos, sounds, and movies
Key Tip
to select a command using the keyboard, press its displayed code letter
landscape orientation
page orientation in which data prints across the wider portion of the page
used to position the content on a slide
line spacing
The amount of space between lines of text
Microsoft Office PowerPoint
complete presentation graphics program used to produce professional-looking documents
multi-level bulleted list slide
a slide that consists of more than one level of bulleted text
Normal view
the default view in a presentation, which contains the slide pane, the outline pane, the task pane, and the notes pane
Notes Page view
A format that is used in presentations that allows the user to create notes for their presentation.
Notes pane
An area in Normal view where you can add simple text notes about the current slide.
Office Theme
Default theme for the slide shows in Powerpoint when the program is started.
Outline tab
Displays all the text on your slides in outline form
Designated areas in PowerPoint layouts that can be used to easily insert text, graphics, or multimedia objects.
pop-up menu
shortcut menu appears when you right-click a slide in Slide Show View
PowerPoint Help
gives you help on whatever you need help on about PowerPoint.
Quick Access Toolbar
A toolbar located in the upper-left corner of the program window, which displays the Save, Undo, and Repeat buttons by default but can be customized to include any command.
A single page of a presentation in a slide show.
creating a higher-level paragraph
slide indicator
shows the number and title of the slide you are about to display.
Slide pane
An area in Normal view that shows the currently selected slide as it will appear in the presentation.
Slide Show view
Runs slides as they will appear during a presentation
Slides tab
In Normal view the tab on the left side of the PowerPoint window that displays thumbnails of each slide
splitter bar
used to adjust the height and width
status bar
located at the bottom of the window and contains information pertaining to the document such as page number, word count page layout, and the zoom slider
task pane
A window along the left side of the program window that contains options and commands
Title Slide
A presentation should begin with this. Include the presentation title, presenter name, and other needed information.
vertical scroll bar
display specific slides using this scroll bar
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