Persia and Greece vocabulary terms

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persian empire
the biggest empire and it had a centralized government
Alexander the Great
invaded Persia with a strong armed army. He portrayed himself in Persia and Egypt as a legitimate successor.
Athenian democracy
direct democracy, athenians opened government offices to all citizens and broadened the base of political participation in classical Greece.
Greco-Persian Wars
wars that fought against the Persian. Wars to punish the athenians and forestall future interference in persian affairs.
Hellenistic Era
It was the era when Greek cultural traditions expanded their influence beyond Greece.
He explored the nature of reality and provided a coherent and comprehensive vision of the world which influenced the development of european cultural traditions
Cyrus the Great
He was launched the persians’ imperial centure. He helped with the foundation of the first Persian Empire.
Delian League
It’s an alliance created by the poleis to discourage further persian actions in Greece.
Greek ” Classical Age”
allowed cultural diffusion and centralized governments
It was a sophisticated island/ society that arose on crete
society formed by indo- european migration of the beginning of 200 B.C.E
the helots were peasant slaves in ancient Sparta.
were military ideal of ancient Greece and were received from the wealthy middling ranks of society
Peloponnesian war
a war fought by athens and its empire against the peloponnesian league led by Sparta
Monarchies, aristroctacies, democrats
Monarchies are when the power is hereditary. Aristrocrats is when people with more power property are considered in a higher social rank. A democracy is when citizens select their representatives
The most prominent and influencial Greek statesman
Classical Greek philosopher
Community of citizens in which all political, economic, social, cultural, and religious activites were focused
government officials that helped control the persian empire
greek philosopher driven by a powerful urge to understand human beings and human affairs
cruel and oppossevive rulers. A ruler who seized power or inherited such power
Roman’s greatest poet. Stories of rome legendary founder and proclaimed that the roman missin to civilize the world
He was a ruler of the Achaemedid dynasty. He was a genius who build great projects
A persian ruler, son of Darius. He invaded Greece.
Royal Road
was designed for better communication. Helped Alexander the Great invade Persia
founder of athenian democracy. He was against the nobles and imposed democratic reforms
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