Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop Level A Unit 4 – Sentences

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Why argue about such __________ matters when there are so many important problems to deal with?
The sudden racket produced by a noisy car radio jolted me out of my deep and peaceful __________.
Tom is not a very fast runner, but he is so __________ that he is extremely hard to tackle on the football field.
Though that actress’s name and face are all but forgotten today, she used to be __________ by adoring fans all over the world.
I don’t have the time to read every word of that long newspaper article, but I’ll __________ it quickly to get the main idea.
Instead of telling us how much you __________ your outrageous conduct, why don’t you sincerely try to reform?
We learned that even unfavorable reviews of a new book may help to __________ a certain amount of public interest in it.
Regardless of what you might think proper, I do not __________ it necessary for someone of your age to wear an evening gown to the dance.
The famous Leaning Tower of Pisa looks as though it might __________ over any minute.
The evidence against the accused man proved to be so weak that the jury had no choice but to __________ him.
As it is clear that his only interest is to make money for himself, his plan for building a new highway has been completely __________.
Because the members of my family disagree on so many matters, the dinner table is often the scene of much verbal __________.
The wound at first did not appear to be too serious, but to our great grief it proved to be __________.
The TV program made us keenly aware of the __________ of retired people trying to live solely on Social Security payments.
The defendant was warned that another speeding ticket would result in the __________ of her driver’s license.
The rope is made of may __________ of fiber woven together.
The hurricane so __________ a large section of the coast that the president declared it a disaster area.
As I sincerely appreciate all my parents have done for me, how can you accuse me of __________?
She richly deserved the audience’s __________ for her brilliant performance of Lady Macbeth.
I plan to save this old notebook as a(n) __________ of one of the best and most enjoyable classes I have ever had.
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