Science: Energy Vocabulary

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Applying a force to an object causing it to move.
The ability to do work (create a force on an object and move it some distance)
The movement of an object from one place to another
Potential Energy
Stored energy or energy that an object has because of its position
Kinetic Energy
The energy any object has because of its motion
Light Energy
Energy that travels in straight, visible lines called rays that fan outward from the source of the light
Radiant Energy
Energy that travels as waves and can move through empty space
Sound Energy
Energy of vibrations carries by air, water, or other matter
Chemical Energy
Energy in a substance that can be released by a chemical reaction
Heat Energy
Energy of the movement of atoms and molecules
Magnetic Energy
Energy that causes metals to attract or repel each other
Mechanical Energy
Energy that an object has due to its position or motion
Nuclear Energy
Energy produced when atoms split apart or when two atoms join to form one atom
Electrical Energy
Energy carried by positive and negative charges also known as electricity.
Energy Transfer
When energy is changed from one form to another or is passed from one object to another
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