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(verb) to corrupt,make worse by the addition of something of lesser value
Example: hospitals take strict precautions to assure that nothing adulterates the blood supply.
Synonyms: contaminate,pollute, sully, Antonyms:purify, purge, expurgate
(adjective) able to use both hands equally well; very skillful; deciteful; hypocritical Example: occasionally a teacher will come across a child who displays ambidextrous abilities when taught to write.
Synonyms: versatile,facile
Antonyms: clumsy, all thumbs, maladroit
(verb) to make larger, increase
Example: many couples have to augment their income in order to pay the mortgage on a new home.
Synonyms: enlarge, supplement, amplify
Antonyms: decrease, diminish
(adjective) deprived of; made unhappy through a loss. Example: individuals who live to be very old may eventually find themselves completely bereft of friends and family.
Synonyms: bereaved
Antonyms: replete, well provided
(verb) to position or arrange; to utilize; to form up.
Example: a bugle call is a signal used to deploy troops for inspection,parade,or battle.
Synonyms: station, organize
(adjective) stern,unyielding, gloomy, ill-humored.
Example: Dickens’s Mr. Gradgrind in the novel hard times is an example of a character with a dour and sullen disposition.
Synonyms: harsh, bleak,forbidding, saturnine
Antonyms: cheery, inviting, genial
(noun) courage in facing difficulties.
The residents of the Mississippi delta showed remarkable fortitude during and after the flood that destroyed their homes and businesses.
Synonyms: resolve, steadfastness, mettle
Antonyms: fearfulness, timidity, faintheartedness
(verb) to stare with open mouth; to open mouth wide;to open to gape at the spectacular
first-time visitors to Niagara falls can be expected to gape at the spectacular sights of nature has provided for them.
Synonyms: gawk, ogle
(verb) to utter taunting words: (noun) an expression of scorn.
the recruits rushed into battle so that no one could gibe at them for cowardice.
voters may reject a candidate who resorts to personal gibe instead of discussing the issues.
Synonyms: ridicule, mock, deride, jeer
Antonyms: compliment, praise
(noun) an external appearance, cover, mask
the thieves gained entry to the home by presenting themselves in the guise of police officers.
Synonyms: costume, semblance, pretense
(adjective) intended to deceive or entrap; sly, treacherous
the investigators uncovered an insidious scheme to rob people of their life savings
Synonyms: cunning, underhanded, perfidious
Antonyms: frank, ingenious, aboveboard
(noun) a hint, indirect suggestion
they were to proud to give any intimation of their financial difficulties
Synonyms: clue, indication, inkling
(adjective) wealthy, luxurious, ample, grandiose
the tour guide showed us the opulent living quarters of the royal family.
Synonyms: rich, lavish, plentiful, abundant
Antonyms: poverty-stricken,wretched, destitute
(adjective) easily bent, flexible; easily influenced
spools of pliable copper wire are standard equipment for many kinds of maintance workers, including electricians.
Synonyms: supple, adaptable, resilient,
Antonyms: rigid, inflexible,recalcitrant
(verb) to say again, repeat
effective speakers often reiterate an important statement for emphasis
Synonyms: restate, rehash, recapitulate
(adjective) no easily moved mentally or emotionally;dull,unresponsive
stolid people can generally be expected to take most things in stride.
Synonyms: impassive, phlegmatic
Antonyms: emotional, oversensitive,high-strung
(adjective) experimental in nature; uncertain hesitant
negotiators have come up with a tentative agreement that will keep both sides at the bargaining table past the strike deadline
Synonyms:provisional, inconclusive
Antonyms: definite, conclusive, confirmed
(adjective) not combed;untidy,not properly maintained; unpolished,rude
according to my parents, the latest fashions make me and my friends look unkempt.
Synonyms: sloppy,disheveled, disordered, rough
Antonyms: well-groomed, tidy, neat,natty
(adjective.,adverb) word for word;exactly as written or spoken
newspapers often publish the verbatim text of an important political speech.
at the swearing-in ceremony the chief justice reads each line of the oath of office and the new president repeats it verbatim.
Antonyms: paraphrased
(adverb) cautiously, with great care
the hikers made their war warily up the steep and rocky trail.
Synonyms: carefully, prudently, gingerly
Antonyms: recklessly, heedlessly, incautiously
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