Vocabulary Workshop Level B Unit 12: Choosing the Right Word

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Nomadic groups of horse breeders still wander the plains of Central Asia in search of pasturage for their herds.
As soon as I opened the book, I realized that I had stumbled on a rich cache of useful information for my report.
In the heartrending conclusion of the film, the hero dies in the arms of his beloved friend.
Although she appeared calm and composed, her mind was in turmoil.
As I was in no hurry to get where I was going, I decided to set a rather leisurely pace for myself.
The eternal quest for youth and beauty explains the huge sales of cosmetics, to men as well as women.
There is a great difference between being quietly confident of your own ability and being an obnoxious braggart.
Our present policy appears to be so contradictory that I believe some clarification of it is in order.
Over the years, I have learned one thing about rumors: Where the facts are few, fictions abound.
My experience on my summer job has reinforced many of the lessons I learned in the classroom.
Only the fact that they cannot see the seriousness of the emergency can explain their lethargic response to our appeal for help.
Why would w world-famous writer choose to live in the seclusion of a country village far form the “madding crowd”?
At the time of our very public argument, I was angry, but over the years my emotions have mellowed.
I believe that education, understanding, and experience provide the only cure for the malady of prejudice.
Many doctors believe that when sick people become despondent over their health, it is more difficult to recover.
After receiving his paper with a big red D in his teacher’s handwriting, the student sulked despondently for hours.
For weeks, a gang of muggers wandered the streets aimlessly, choosing their victims at random from those who happened by.
The least useful thing you could do at this moment is to deliver a long, loud rant against your opponents.
People say that Brianna is a mellow person, but I’ve seen her lose her temper too often to believe them.
Although he rants and raves about problems of the world, he has little to offer to believe them.
They drove leisurely through the countryside, taking time to view hills, woods, and meadows full of blooming wildflowers.
The president went on the air to inform the general public of the present status of the negotiations with the enemy.
Instead of such piecemeal efforts to prevent air pollution, we need a unified campaign that will be continued for as long as necessary.
People who waste the natural resources of this country are in a sense embezzling the wealth of future generations.
We repaired the house piecemeal, doing one small task after another.
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